Help the trade build faster, smarter and stronger

Help the trade build faster, smarter and stronger

Since its arrival in the UK, ToughBuilt has developed a reputation for offering products that help the trade build faster, smarter and stronger. Its latest introduction looks set to maintain that track record. Professional Builder finds out more.

“The new ToughBuilt Quickset Workbench has been engineered to easily create a sturdy practical work area” explains the company’s Matt Handley.

“It can be used by joiners, carpenters and a whole host of other trade professionals to make more of their time, energy and the amount of space available. By helping to increase their efficiency and work rate, it can ultimately help them to increase their bottom line.”

As its name suggests, the Quickset Workbench can be deployed in a matter of seconds, simply by pulling the leg release handle. Once set up, it is more than up to the majority of tasks you can throw at it.

Thanks to a heavy-duty construction, it can support up to 454kg in weight. Equally heavy-duty legs complete with rubber feet ensure maximum stability and that bench only moves when you want it to.

From a functionality point of view, the unit is fully loaded with well-thought-out features. Not only are there multiple surface slots and holes for inserting clamps to hold materials whilst they’re being worked on but there are also numerous measuring gauges and a protractor etched onto the bench’s work surface for extra precision.

In addition, a strong and comfortable carry handle coupled with an overall weight of just 15kg ensures impressive portability when the workbench is collapsed. Plus, each corner of the work bench is ClipTech compatible and the bench is supplied with one ClipTech Hub. There is the option to buy more as required.

Stands that deliver

The launch of the new workbench adds to the manufacturer’s line-up of jobsite solutions. This includes ToughBuilt’s Roller Stands, which are ideal for moving and supporting large and heavy items.

The range includes a heavy-duty, general-purpose stand which can keep materials stable and level as they’re being measured or tooled, a V-Roller Stand which also ensures items remain centred and an innovative 3-in1 stand.

This latter product benefits from a material stop, a ball bearing roller and a directional roller, enabling you to move items in any direction of your choosing.

All three ToughBuilt Roller stands are like having an extra pair of hands on-site and can support a weight of 60kg. They also share other attributes in common such as adjustable heights, custom feet for secure and stable positioning, and a construction from premium grade steel for maximum strength and support.

Both the new workbench and the company’s roller stands are part of a family that share the same technically advanced, quality obsessed DNA. This family also includes perhaps the daddy of all jobsite tables – the ToughBuilt C700.

Heavyweight advantages

Made from high grade, high strength steel with a power coating and zinc plating for added protection, the C700 is a sawhorse which can be used in pairs to create a secure job site table with exceptional loadbearing performance.

Individually, the C700 can support 590kg and this increases to an impressive 1.2 tonnes when two are used together.

To facilitate their use to form a jobsite table, each ToughBuilt C700 has two specialist support arms where a piece of 2” x 4” timber can be inserted to join the sawhorses together. There are also material support pegs on the legs to hold OSB, chipboard and other sheet materials safely and securely whilst you work on them.

To deliver greater stability and a level work surface on any terrain no matter how uneven, the legs are telescopic, individually adjustable and employ pivoting feet. These telescopic legs also allow you to adjust the height of the sawhorse to suit you.

As a further benefit the this jobsite table also features a grippy, non-slip top surface as well as fold-out cutting brackets, which can be of major benefit when cutting items like lengths of timber.

Best of all, the C700, like all ToughBuilt products, comes with a two-year guarantee as standard and the ability to increase this to 25 years if you register your purchase.

Concluding, Matt Handley adds: “Across the world, there are countless trade professionals who swear by ToughBuilt’s jobsite solutions and who refuse to use anything else. Despite that, we’re not going to get complacent. Instead, we’ll keep doing what we do best – innovating, challenging and exploring new possibilities in product design and performance.”

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