Have a chance at winning guide rails with Makita’s plunge saw buyer guide

Have a chance at winning guide rails with Makita’s plunge saw buyer guide

Next up in our series of power tool buyers guides, Makita provides useful guidance on what to look for when selecting a plunge saw for kitchen fitting. 

Choosing a cordless plunge saw will eliminate the need for power cables and provide greater flexibility and freedom, especially when working with large sheet materials. Advancements in battery and tool technologies mean that there are now cordless options available that match the power and performance of corded alternatives. For example, tools from the Makita 40VMax XGT range, such as the Makita SP001G XGT Plunge Saw, have been engineered to deliver the output and run-times that professionals require.

These flexibility benefits can be enhanced further by investing in a cordless dust extractor unit such as the VC006G XGT 80VMax (Twin 40VMax) M-Class Dust Extractor. Both the VC006G and SP001G include the Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), which uses Bluetooth to run the dust extractor automatically when the tool is in use.

Guide rail compatibility

A plunge saw will most often be used with a guide rail to ensure precision and quality, so it is important to also consider the choice of guide rail carefully as not all the available options will provide the same benefits. It is typically advisable to buy the saw and guide rails from the same manufacturer. For example, Makita plunge saws, as well as many of the same manufacturer’s circular saws and routers, will connect directly to the Makita 1-metre, 1.5-metre and 3-metre guide rails without the use of an adaptor.

Furthermore, choosing a guide rail with a splinter guard will help ensure a high-quality edge as it will prevent the action of the blade tearing the surface of the material. Similarly, to ensure the guide rail remains in place once positioned, it is worth looking for one with anti-slip measures with the ability to easily clamp it to the material if additional security is needed.

Flexibility for different materials 

Kitchen fitting jobs can require working with a range of different materials and these can vary from project to project depending on the customer’s specifications. For plunge saws specifically, this means a range of blades may be required for different tasks. As an example, for cutting fibre cement board a blade with fewer teeth, such as a 4T blade, is required. In contrast, when cutting laminate worktop, a blade with a much larger number of teeth, such as a 60T, is needed to achieve a quality cut.

Therefore, it is important to look for a saw that not only has a wide range of compatible blades, but also enables quick and easy blade changes. For example, the Makita SP001G has a specially designed mechanism to lock the blade in the correct position for easy access to remove and fit different blades. It also has the required hex key stored on the tool, so it is always at hand when required.

In addition, the blade speed can make a significant difference to the quality of the cut in different materials. A slower blade speed is more suitable for plaster board, while a higher speed should be used for solid wood. For this reason, it is important to select a tool that has simple variable speed control.

Another useful feature to look for on a plunge saw is a depth stop, which limits the plunge depth to a few millimetres. This allows a very shallow first cut to be made in the material to prevent the surface splintering when the full depth cut is made. This is an important consideration when cutting laminated materials such as veneered wood used for kitchen cabinets.

Safety features

When making a plunge cut, the blade can sometimes bind in the material. Therefore, features that prevent kickback, such as Active Feedback Sensing Technology (AFT), are valuable to prevent injury to the user. AFT monitors the blade speed and immediately shuts down the tool if the blade rotation suddenly slows. It is also valuable to look for a plunge saw that has an effective brake to ensure the blade stops quickly when deactivated to prevent accidental contact with the rotating blade.

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