Geocel’s latest launches: THE WORKS PRO and THE WORKS PRO X

Geocel’s latest launches: THE WORKS PRO and THE WORKS PRO X

First of all, can you give us some background on MS Polymer sealants?

MS Polymer sealants and adhesives are sometimes known as ‘hybrids.’ When we originally launched them twenty years ago, the products were mainly used for sealing high value facade materials because of their non-staining attributes. Then in 2008, Geocel launched THE WORKS range. We wanted to make that same technology available to the wider market, and in particular for trade professionals to use on day to day jobs, where ease of application and long-term performance are both key.

Those already using them will know that MS Polymer products are popular because they feature many of the attributes of traditional sealants – yet with the flexibility and UV stability of silicones, the paintability of acrylics and the durability and toughness of polysulphides. In addition, they boast the same properties as high quality ‘grab’ adhesives.

These types of sealants also offer some unique advantages of their own. The non-staining properties mean that they are ideal not just for those high-end facades but also for projects like sealing marble or granite kitchen worktops.

With excellent adhesion properties they can also be used directly on wet or dry surfaces, including most plastics, tiles, wood, stone, and many more – and they will even bond and cure underwater. Plus, once applied, they also won’t attack synthetic materials, unlike their solvent counterparts.

Due to their performance benefits and increasing demand from trade professionals, it’s meant that the market has become saturated with new products from a wide range of companies. However, not all products will perform in the same way, and of course, for any trade professional, product reliability is key.

Tell us about the two new products and when would a trade professional use them?

We decided to re-launch THE WORKS range so that we could provide trade only, high quality and reliable products from a recognised technical sealant brand. THE WORKS PRO is our best ever multi-use construction sealant and adhesive that can seal, fill, and bond virtually any surface, wet or dry – inside or out. THE WORKS PRO is available in a ‘whiter’ white and an improved clear formulation that can be over-painted. Fast curing, it achieves results that last.

THE WORKS PRO X is a high grab construction adhesive, offering instant grab and bond. It can be used on virtually any wet or dry surface, and in both interior and exterior applications. Due to its superior adhesion and fast curing, the formula is ideal for projects that require a strong lasting bond.

Both products benefit from non-staining properties making them ideal to use for plumbing jobs like sealing around a bath or shower. With a fast cure time, both products ensure that work can be completed on the same day, minimising the need to return to finish the job. We want to ensure trade professionals not only have a product that is high grade, but also time efficient. MS Polymers in general, offer excellent workability and strong final bond strength as well as a high UV resistance and no shrinkage over time, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications.

What sets the latest formulations apart from other multi-use sealants and adhesives?

THE WORKS PRO builds on all of the existing properties of range, including a fast skin-over and a tack-free time of one hour. It has an excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces, wet or dry, while resistant to mould. It is also over-paintable and has a cure rate of 3mm per 24 hours at 23°C 50 per cent Relative Humidity.

THE WORKS PRO X provides an open time of approximately 10 minutes and a bond that can be adjusted up to 5 minutes after application, it gives 50 per cent more grab than traditional alternatives, meaning there is no need for additional fixings on most applications.

When it comes to providing trade professionals with high quality adhesives and sealants that offer lasting performance, it’s all about workability, fast curing times and a long-lasting finish. These new products have been developed to provide all of that. We feel strongly that they are products the trade can trust in – coming from the brand that originally developed the technology.

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