Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

Klober Answers Your Roofing FAQs

In the latest of our FAQ series, Graham Copson, Technical Manager of Klober, takes us through some of the more common queries received by the company’s technical department.

When do I need to use hip trays when installing a roll fix kit?

It all depends what roof finish you are using. If you are using slate or plain tiles there is no need to install hip trays. If you are using a concrete profile, such as Double Roman tiles, it is important to install hip trays as this provides vital support – making sure that the finish is as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Can your continuous dry verge be retro-fitted? If so how?

Yes – continuous dry verge can be retro fitted, although it does however become slightly more complicated than if it was a new build or complete renovation. We would advise stripping back the tiles along the gable end and making sure the battens are cut back level along the verge. You will need to fix the verge under the battens as this makes sure the product is secured. As the tile/slates are laid, ensure that the verge tiles are extended fully into the verge strip where they will be firmly held.

Would you introduce extra ventilation when using a membrane like your Permo® air?

We would advise against installing extra ventilation when installing Permo® air. The reason for this is that when you install extra ventilation, you are introducing cold air into the ventilation space. This can cause cold spots, which in turn can cause condensation issues.

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