Cities with the most homes in need of renovation

Cities with the most homes in need of renovation
  • Belfast has the most houses for sale in need of renovation – 60.6% of the total number for sale
  • Fellow Northern Irish city Derry follows in second, with 35.9% of listed houses requiring restoration
  • If you like a new home to be fully complete, Chelmsford is for you – in 20th place, only 17.5% of houses need work
  • Liverpool is a great choice for minimal work on move-in day – of 596 houses for sale, only 18% need renovating

MyJobQuote recently found that 78% of Brits are unhappy with their homes as lockdown has left many restless and wanting to move.

But with the UK now in a recession and unemployment at an all time high, relocating isn’t an easy task.

Fret not, however, as a cheaper option is available: some Brits are looking for fixer-upper properties in a different location to avoid hefty prices.

So, which city has the most of these incomplete properties for sale? MyJobQuote sought to find out. By scouring Zoopla for house listings, the number of houses ‘needing renovation’ compared to the total number available can be revealed!


If you’re into DIY, Belfast may be your dream location! In first place and according to Zoopla’s data, 60.6% of houses for sale in the city require extra work. It’s perfect for anyone seeking a mini restoration project of their own.

Belfast is followed by Derry in second place, with 35.9% of listed properties in need of renovation.

Third place is awarded to an English city. Of the 1,188 listed houses, 35.2% (418) of those in Brighton need work. Whether it’s due to an increase in new homeowners easing onto the property ladder, or just a city of avid DIY enthusiasts, Brighton proves a great place to make a house your home.

In fourth, fifth and sixth place are Wolverhampton, Hull and Canterbury with 32.8%, 31.4% and 29.5% of houses requiring work respectively.

And to make the top ten cities for availability of fixer-uppers, other entries include:

  • Aberdeen – 29.5% of houses need work
  • Exeter – 25.9% of houses need work
  • Leicester – 23.2% of houses need work
  • Worcester – 22.4% of houses need work

For further results, the table below highlights data for the top 20 cities included in the study:

Please see the full blog post for more information here:


Using Zoopla’s house search tool, the following keywords were inserted per city and collated to obtain the total number of houses for sale that ‘need renovation’: renovation project, needs renovating, needs work, requires work, work to be done, requires renovation, work ongoing, restoration project, work project.

Data was obtained and is accurate as of 11/08/20.

London has been excluded from this study to avoid anomalous results.

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