British Gypsum’s range of ThistlePro finish coat plasters goes one step further in helping the industry build better homes

British Gypsum’s range of ThistlePro finish coat plasters goes one step further in helping the industry build better homes

Paul Cassidy, Portfolio Development Director at British Gypsum, provides an insight into the company’s range of ThistlePro finish coat plasters and demonstrates how they have been designed to provide added benefits to the changing needs of homeowners.

Since the start of the pandemic, the way people buy homes has completely changed. Driven by the introduction of home working and the stamp duty land tax reduction, there has been an increased desire for people wanting to make the most of their money and find somewhere that they are able to live and work.

With this new way of living, we have seen an increased demand in our range of ThistlePro finish coat plasters and their added benefits, including better indoor air quality, increased durability, or the ability to create an interactive space with magnetic plaster.

When it comes to providing housebuilders with high-performance drylining solutions that help create a positive legacy and a great space to live, our innovative range of ThistlePro finish coat plasters goes one step further in helping our customers build better homes that meet the ever-changing needs of homeowners.

ThistlePro Magnetic

Our ThistlePro Magnetic plaster is a unique skim finish plaster designed using special additives to attract magnets and provide end users with interactive wall surfaces. This specially formulated high-performance plaster has been popular with homeowners looking at adapting the space in their homes to create combined working and living areas. By using ThistlePro Magnetic plaster, homeowners are able to convert the walls in living areas into interactive office notice boards.

To find out more about our range of magnetic plaster, click here.

ThistlePro DuraFinish

With homes now acting as places to live and work, we are spending more hours within our homes than ever before. With this, movement around the home is increased meaning that walls are more prone to accidental damage. Our ThistlePro DuraFinish is 60% more hardwearing than our standard plaster, making it our most durable skim finish plaster to date.

Developed to withstand everyday general wear and tear, this high-performance skim finish plaster provides an ideal solution for walls in busy hallways and stairwells in the home.

For more information about ThistlePro DuraFinish, click here.

ThistlePro PureFinish

The air quality within homes can have a huge impact on the health and productivity of homeowners. Factors including air pollutants, paints, emissions and furniture are all to blame for poor indoor air quality. We spend almost all our lives indoors, with the majority of this time in our own homes, so by putting the right products and systems in place now will improve not only the quality of the air inside our homes, but also the health of those living there.

To provide homeowners with healthier indoor living spaces, we have developed a high-performance skim finish plaster, ThistlePro PureFinish, to help remove formaldehyde (a common VOC) from the air. Developed with Activ’Air technology, formaldehyde emissions transmitted from building materials and household products such as pressed wood furniture, glues and adhesives, are decomposed into non-harmful inert compounds to help improve air quality within a home.

For more information about ThistlePro PureFinish, click here.

Our ThistlePro range uses the most advanced technology, making it the most hard-working range of finish-coat plasters on the market. Designed to offer more choice when it comes to plaster, this range provides an opportunity to add an extra dimension to plastering, giving either the plasterer or end user extra benefits compared to standard plaster.

To help support installers using ThistlePro plasters, we have a ThistlePro finish coat performance plasters course which is designed to help provide an understanding of the application and types of backgrounds used for our products – all whilst developing the skills needed to gain a high-quality finish for this high-performance range of plasters.

Our range of ThistlePro skim finish plaster is just one example of our ongoing efforts to help housebuilders build better homes. We are committed to working with our partner construction customers by sharing our technical know-how and providing pioneering solutions that not only meet the ever-changing needs of homeowners, but have a positive impact on people and the planet.

For more information about our range of ThistlePro plasters, click here.

For more information about our ThistlePro finish coat performance course, click here.

We care about building better.


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