Brett Landscaping launches Invicta using new AggTech offer

Brett Landscaping launches Invicta using new AggTech offer

Independent concrete paving manufacturer, Brett Landscaping, has introduced the new high performance Invicta range – the first block paving product to use the new AggTech surface technology developed by the company.

The Invicta range, which is ideal for application in contemporary driveways, patios and pathway projects as well as urban streetscapes and commercial plazas, has a specially formulated surface layer creating a hard-wearing paving block with a durable but vibrant finish which shimmers in different lights.

The product has been developed at Brett Landscaping’s Cliffe site in Kent following a programme of significant investment and expansion of manufacturing capacity. This investment has allowed Brett to develop its manufacturing processes to be able to blend specially sourced aggregates to create new paving finishes which are unique to Brett Landscaping.

Through this new AggTech process unique natural aggregates are used on the surface of each paving block to create a stunning durable finish. The Invicta range will be available in four colours: Pearl, Moonstone, Onyx and Citrine. The colours are complementary so the different shades can be laid and arranged to meet a bespoke design brief, or to the preferred style and taste of the homeowner or client.

For added design flexibility the block paving will be available in five single size packs using 80mm thick blocks, with sizes ranging

  • 600x200mm
  • 300x200mm
  • 300x100mm
  • 200x200mm
  • 200x100mm

There is also an Invicta Trio pack which is made up of three different block sizes in 60mm thickness:

  • 105x140mm
  • 140x140mm
  • 210x140mm

The paving blocks can be laid in a range of patterns and the premium surface mix creates a hard-wearing, high performance paving just as suitable for high foot traffic in a public realm project, using the 80mm blocks, as it is for a domestic setting using the 60mm blocks.

Included as part of the Invicta range are additional Invicta Flow paving blocks which are manufactured with a unique nib design for applications where permeable paving and a SuDS solution is a requirement.

Jose Carles, National Technical Manager, Brett Landscaping:

“We are excited to introduce our new manufacturing facility and AggTech process, with Invicta being the first range available to customers. The introduction of the Invicta range is the latest in a long line of product developments from Brett Landscaping, and is the beginning of a new generation of products that we are building capacity and capability for at our UK manufacturing centres.

“We have also invested in developing an Invicta Flow version of the paving that is ideal for application where the effective management of surface water is a key aspect of the design brief.

“While this is standard for projects such as pedestrianised areas for general public use, the Invicta block paving is also ideal on new build housing estates and domestic projects where the pooling of rain water around highways and pathways can occur.”

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