Dakea: UV Protection

Dakea: UV Protection

Dakea‘s series on what to consider when selecting a roof window continues this month, as we discuss an often overlooked element – UV protection.  

Sunlight is essential to health and wellbeing but over time it can also have serious adverse effects. Natural light contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation and in small amounts this is beneficial to physical and mental health and essential in the production of vitamin D; however, over exposure to UV is damaging.

While the effects of excessive UV exposure such as skin damage and skin cancer have gained increased attention, the impact of UV on homes is less widely appreciated.

Indoor exposure to UV radiation is often not considered, however, sunlight admitted by windows brings UV rays with it. UV radiation is responsible for an estimated 45% of damage to furniture, causing fabrics, leather and carpets to fade, dark wood to be bleached and light wood to be stained dark. This disrepair can be time consuming and costly to fix and in many cases requires replacement.

Damage caused by fading and bleaching can give a room a worn and tired appearance. Studies have proven that the interior design of a house has a huge psychological impact on a person’s mental health and happiness, so it is important that the interior of a house is protected and maintained.

However, research has also shown that plenty of natural light is also beneficial to ones mental well-being, and allowing sunlight into a room is highly recommended. So what is the solution?

Specifying a roof window that offers UV protection is the ideal answer, to allow for plenty of pleasant, natural light to enter a room while also keeping its harmful elements at bay. For example, the Dakea Ultima window utilises Comfort Glass; two layers of heat reflecting and sun protective coatings are used on each pane. The first coating reflects the heat accumulated inside a room, keeping it warm in the winter.

The second reflects the suns rays, preventing overheating in the summer – combined with a triple layer of silver inside this coating, 95% of harmful UV radiation is prevented from entering the room without restricting the amount of light allowed through. This not only protects furniture, upholstery and floors from UV damage and fading but also protects the occupant from the harmful effects of over-exposure.

Selecting the correct roof window for a customer’s installation is of absolute importance to ensure the homeowner will be satisfied with their investment for as long as they own the house. By keeping informed, valuable time and money can be saved whilst ensuring your customers comfort and health.

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