BPC: How to Repair Masonry Cracks

BPC: How to Repair Masonry Cracks

Here, Gareth Simister, Managing Director at BPC Building Products, looks at how to repair masonry cracks.

Crack stitching systems are a fast, non-disruptive method of repairing and eliminating further cracking within masonry walls.

They can also avoid having to rebuild an entire wall, saving time and money in the process. Usually manufactured from grade 304 austenitic stainless steel, the bars provide superb axial strength, whilst the special grout locks everything into place, preventing further cracking.

Here we look at how easy it is to install a PowaTwist masonry stitching system:


1. Using suitable chasing equipment, cut horizontal slots into the masonry to the required width, depth and length (a minimum of 500mm either side of the crack).

2. Clean out thoroughly by flushing with water.

3. Mix the 3 litre tub of cementitious grout in its entirety. Always wear appropriate PPE.


4. Apply a continuous bead of SureGrout into slot with the applicator.

5. Insert length of 6mm PowaTwist Bar and push into grout. Apply a further bead of Grout allowing enough room in the slot to re-point with Colour Matching Mortar.

6. The steel bars and grout work together to redistribute tensile loads over the complete length of the bar, avoiding tension concentrations. This eliminates further development of the crack which may occur if a simple injection system is used.

7. The crack has been successfully fixed and further movement has now been prevented.


8. Repoint the joint, matching the existing mortar. Job done!

PowaTwist requires no additional fixings, plates or screws and the stainless steel bar ensures a long term fix.
Everything that is required to utilise this masonry repair system is available from stockists nationwide, or alternatively the system can be ordered online. It’s the best way of avoiding having to rebuild a masonry wall!

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