Barrettine’s sustainable wood protection solutions

Barrettine’s sustainable wood protection solutions

The Barrettine range of wood protection solutions combine sustainability with performance

Achieving sustainable construction is a continuing focus of both the trade industry and the main suppliers into the market, with many of the larger trade merchant groups now increasing recycled packaging requirements and encouraging supply of innovative new products with safety improvements. Barrettine continues to improve and update its range, working with trusted partners to source and evaluate the benefit of alternatives to current base materials. The company has embraced these new demands and solutions whilst upholding a proud long-term record of supplying five star rated trade products into the market and continuing to raise standards for the construction industry.

The range of wood protection products offers trade performance and accreditations coupled with low odour formulas for conscientious application, making them accessible to not only the specifier for large projects, but also the jobbing builder. The natural base oils offer long-term trade protection by soaking into the wood, where they grip the wood grain rather than coating the surface, protecting from deep within.

Wood Preserver

Wood Preserver is a regularly reviewed 5 Star performing product which resists weathering and water damage, whilst also protecting against wet rot and wood-boring insects attacking the wood. Its microporous formulation allows water vapour to pass through, allowing the wood to breathe but repelling rain. It is available in a range of popular colours that enhances, nourishes and protects the wooden surface to provide long term protection. 

Wood Protective Treatment

Wood Protective Treatment is the cost-effective top coating for pressure treated and pre-preserved timbers, providing excellent protection against the elements. The product is suitable for sheds, fences, trellis, gazebos and any other outdoor wooden surfaces which need protection from the extremes of the great British weather. Like the Wood Preserver it is microporous, an essential feature to allow moisture to escape from any garden building, and comes in many popular colours. The product is easy to apply and soaks into the wood to offer long term resistance to water ingress. 

Universal Preserver

Universal Preserver (Primer) complements the range, offering the deep penetrative protection of the Wood Preserver as a protective base coat but with a wide compatibility of top-coats. It supports both oil and water-based coatings, including paints, varnishes and stains. This provides the essential wood protection against decay and woodworm, whilst supporting the vast variety of choices for customers’ top-coats.  

Decking Oil

Decking Oil is independently audited and accredited to the DeckMark quality assurance scheme, offering the ultimate protection for wooden decking and exterior stairwells. Available in clear and a range of popular colours, it saturates the wood grain to offer a durable barrier against weathering and repel rainfall, whilst of course remaining microporous. With additional UV protection and fade resistant colour pigments, it is ideal as an all-in-one solution to protect decking, but the optional Anti-Slip Top Coat can take this one step further. Barrettine Anti-Slip technology provides enhanced safety where the surface risks becoming slippery due to shade, or orientation of the decking within the garden, increasing grip on any outdoor wooden surface, from decking, to stairs, to hand rails. It is rated as Low Slip Risk according to BS 7976-2 and is the perfect choice when greater garden safety is needed. 

UV Protection Oil

UV Protection Oil is the latest high-performance addition to the specialist range of ArmourFlex coatings from Barrettine, offering an efficient new solution to protect exterior wooden facades and vertical surfaces. The product carries the CladMark+ performance rated accreditation and has been formulated with a careful balance of UV absorbers and antioxidants, designed to capture the damaging UV rays from the sun and dissipate them safely away as heat. In turn, this averts greying of the timber and hinders swelling, shrinkage, splitting, and warping of wooden surfaces. With performance-tested resins the product also resists water and dirt, thereby reducing potential discolouration from fungal attack. The product is aimed at extending the service life of exterior wooden facades and surfaces and reducing ongoing maintenance costs, thereby protecting the customer’s investment in the long term. 

As experts in trade performance with natural oil-based products, Barrettine is constantly reviewing and improving its range, keeping one step ahead of the regulations to ensure that users are receiving the most suitable technology available on the market. Recent innovations have included upgrading the range of formulations to deliver the same trade performance in a low odour format, to reduce their environmental impact. This improves ease of use whilst maintaining the high-quality performance expected. 

Barrettine are an independent Bristol-based, UK manufacturer with over 140 years history, specialising in high-quality protective wood coatings for Professionals. With direct relationships with global chemical suppliers, the manufacturer selects the best raw materials for their products to achieve the first-class durability expected from Trade-performance products. Through diligent product development, this allows them to answer modern construction challenges with innovative new solutions.

To find out more about the Barrettine range visit: Premium Wood Care Products-no comp | Barrettine Products.

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