Artex’s Gyproc EasiFill range and Plasterboard Patches

Artex’s Gyproc EasiFill range and Plasterboard Patches

Professional Builder’s Lee Jones investigates the Gyproc EasiFill range and their partner in painting and decorating, the same manufacturer’s Plasterboard Patches.

When you consider the products that should be a fixture in the back of a tradesman’s van a reliable filler would be an obvious contender, and Artex would argue that its Gyproc Plasterboard Patches are the perfect companion. Launched in 2019 to complement the existing EasiFill powdered offering, the Artex Easy Filler range now provides a full complement of ready-mix products, and it is a choice that the manufacturer has found that the trades have welcomed. A ready-to-use solution clearly scores on convenience, but the beauty of a powdered option is that it can be mixed to a particular builder’s preferred consistency, will cover a greater expanse and delivers more control.

“If you’ve got a slightly bigger or deeper hole to fill, then mixing up a thicker mix of a powdered product like Easifill 20 will provide a better finish, and reduce the drying times,” reveals Artex Technical Product Manager, Ted Elliot. “When used in conjunction with our Gyproc Plasterboard Patches the time and hassle your saving yourself can be quite considerable.”

Many tradesmen will have experienced the sinking feeling when they’ve cut out the holes for downlights only to find that the homeowner has changed their mind, but it is in just these scenarios that Artex Plasterboard Patches can be your saviour. “They are a self-adhesive solution so it’s just a matter of removing the backing, sticking them over the hole and covering,” enthuses Ted. “It’s really that simple, and if you use Easifill 20 over the top you can apply a second coat within around 30 minutes. Once that’s dried you might need a rub over with some fine sandpaper, but within an hour you’ve effected an invisible finish. Not only that but this is a compound that’s fine enough to fulfil the role of both filler and finish, which means it can be immediately painted over.”

Of course, as with any job, there’s a technique and degree of workmanship, and it’s important that the hole is free of any burrs, protrusions or loose material. The second coat is required in order to effectively disguise the hole, and the EasiFill 20 should be adequately feathered out from the edge of the patch to provide that seamless finish. If, for instance, the Plasterboard Patch is 100x100mm then you should be looking to cover an area of at least 200m with the first coat, and at least 250mm on the second coat.

The patch itself is an aluminuium plate with an embedded fibreglass mesh, and decorators should ensure that metal plate is completely covering beyond the edge of the hole. Each pack of 12 contains three sizes, depending on the extent of the repair – 5 x 150mm x 150mm for the likes of double sockets and larger holes, 5 x 100mm x 100mm for single sockets, and 2 x 50mm x 50mm for smaller areas or downlights.

The fast setting time of EasiFill 20 makes it the ideal snagging solution, and is part of a range that includes EasiFill 45, and EasiFill 60, with the numerical value in each case relating to the available working time. With a pedigree of more than thirty years, the portfolio is very well established in the market, and was originally developed as a taping and jointing compound.

Over the years, its set time, ease of use, consistency and smoothness would inspire a loyal following with decorators as a filler, as Ted explains: “What the trades want is a solution that’s easy to mix, apply and sand, and EasiFill has all those characteristics well and truly covered. It adheres to paint very well and, with a choice of working times, allows for larger areas and multiple rooms to be worked on. Surface preparation is comparable to any filler, with the addition of a damp sponge applied to dry and porous backgrounds, prior to applying, which will itself increase the working time. These are also chemically setting products, which makes them much less susceptible to seasonal atmospheric conditions, whist there’s reduced shrinkage.”

Indeed, with a choice of ready mixed and powdered solutions, the latter complemented by the Gyproc Plasterboard Patches, the Artex range is a tradesman’s ace in the hole.

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