Aptus on why trust matters with structural timber screws

Aptus on why trust matters with structural timber screws

For customers such as offsite construction companies and large joinery businesses, Aptus is a trusted partner for fixing and fastening. Now it’s making its expertise and innovative products increasingly available to the general construction trades. Professional Builder finds out more.  

Trust. It counts for a lot. And that’s especially true for products like fixings and fastenings. On many projects and structures, the finished result is only as strong as the items that hold everything together. Which is why Aptus has grown into one of the UK’s major suppliers of fastening solutions. 

Over the past thirty years, it has been quietly but steadily building a business and a reputation that revolves around honesty, integrity and expert advice. Stewart Taylor, managing director at the company, explains: “Aptus has always had a focus that’s more about quality than quantity. Our business is staffed by people with immense experience of different fastening applications and who have in-depth technical knowledge. They are also genuinely passionate about the products they sell and the advice they offer. For us, it’s a matter of pride that when trade professionals select any item from our extensive range, they are confident it’s fit for its intended application.” 

Making sense of structural timber screws 

“Take structural timber screws as a case in point” says Stewart. “Many products are marketed and sold as structural timber screws but with little evidence to support that. In marked contrast, our pro-struct structural timber screws benefit from UK Technical Assessment (UKTA) certification.  

“This certifies that the entire range complies with the requirements set out for screws by European Assessment Document (EAD) 130118-01-060. This standard – which assesses a product’s performance against 14 different criteria including tensile strength, bending angle, reaction to fire and durability against corrosion – provides independent verification that specific screws and are suitable for use in timber construction.” 

There are also other products within the Aptus range that highlight the company’s focus on providing the trade user with complete reassurance. Its bestselling timberfix 360 range of woodscrews is a prime example. These high performance, highly versatile woodscrews feature a number of innovative design characteristics that are unique to the authentic, trademarked product.

This is significant as the brand is often imitated due to its popularity and Aptus stresses the importance of looking out for the registered timberfix® trademark in places such as product packaging. This will ensure you are buying the real deal and not some inferior imitation. 

Particular about partners 

As part of its approach, Aptus is also particular about what third-party products it carries. “When it comes to choosing brands of fixings and fastenings to offer the trade professional, we do the hard work, so they don’t have to” comments Stewart.  

“We only work with partners that can stand by their products and we are proud to be the sole UK distributor for such globally respected manufacturers as HECO Schrauben and Pitzl®.” 

Again, there are clear benefits to this focus on being particular. A number of concrete screws from well-known brands have been the subject of product recalls over the last 12 months due to performance issues.  

The HECO MULTI-MONTI-plus concrete and masonry screws offered by Aptus meanwhile have delivered tried and tested performance for 25 years. They owe their longstanding success to their reliability and to an intelligent design which has been continually refined over the course of the last two and a half decades. 

Demonstrating their reliability and performance, these screw anchors, which are available in both carbon steel and stainless-steel options, enjoy multiple technical approvals. They have also been used in such high profile and safety critical structures as the German parliament building and numerous road tunnels that pass under expansive stretches of water. 

With any product from Aptus, it seems peace of mind comes as standard. As Stewart concludes: “Ultimately, when we talk about Aptus being your trusted fastener partner, it’s so much more than a marketing slogan. It’s actually a mantra that underpins everything we do.”

For further information on Aptus visit Aptus Fastener Systems Ltd UK.

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