DI-WHY? 3rd September 2021

DI-WHY? 3rd September 2021

You certainly don’t want to miss some of the terrifying DIY disasters our readers have come across this week! Remember to keep sending in any botched jobs that you spot to probuildonline@gmail.com.

The first of this weeks selection came from Daniel Edwards on Facebook. He said “This was feeding 2x double sockets of the lighting circuit rated at 6 amps with 2 electric heaters plugged in also this block was buried in the wall behind 3″ of plaster” 😱.

Also from Daniel Edwards, “And this was the apparent last socket on the upper “ring main”.

If you spot any examples of awful DIY jobs like these, remember to send them in to us on probuildonline@gmail.com or tag us on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

We have also recently launched our NEW DI-WHY? spin-off the ‘before and after’ series for our readers to show off their transformation pictures, and to highlight to customers that hiring a tradesperson is always best. Find out more about the series here.

To see our past ‘DI-WHY?’ online features, click here.

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