Introducing DI-WHY?’s ‘before and after’ series

Introducing DI-WHY?’s ‘before and after’ series

Back in 2019 Professional Builder launched ‘DI-WHY?’, a feature both online and in the magazine, highlighting all of the DIY disasters that professional trades are called in to fix. After running for nearly two years we figured it’s about time to look at not only the hilarious (and sometimes dangerous) botched jobs that you come across at work, but to also to highlight the fantastic work you do to fix the problems you face.

We want YOU to get involved and send us your ‘before and after’ pictures, this could be fixing a bad DIY job or simply sharing pictures of work you’re proud of, to confirm to homeowners that hiring a professional is always best! Send your pictures to or DM us on TwitterFacebook or Instagram.

Your fantastic work will be shared either on our website, social media channels or in our magazine so make sure you give us a little bit of information about your pictures and your name or social media usernames so we can credit to you in our articles and posts.

Alternatively, if you just want to take a look at our past DI-WHY? features, check out our digital magazines or our ‘DI-WHY?’ website tab.

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