Vault-proof security

Vault-proof security

Van Vault argues that achieving the police-approved, Secured by Design standard will be a key sales driver for its latest range of in-vehicle storage solutions. Professional Builder takes a closer look.

As part of its drive to tackle tool theft crime, Van Vault’s new product range for 2019 is the result of 18 months of development work. Featuring eight new products, the portfolio – from the traditional box style containers to easy-to-use drawer sliders – is designed to offer advanced protection for the secure storage of tools across a number of applications to suit the individual needs of different trade users.

In addition to the enhancements to the products themselves, the range has also been independently tested and certified by Sold Secure, an independent test house for security products owned by the Master Locksmith Association. All eight Van Vaults were subjected to six different levels of rigorous attack by trained professionals and were “all found to be impenetrable”.

Van Vault also lays claim to being the first vehicle storage product on the market to be accredited by Secured by Design – the UK’s police approved standard which promotes products that prevent crime.

Last year saw around 280,000 tool theft crimes across the UK. Research conducted by the company revealed that the average value of tools left in tradespeople’s vans was £2,880, serving to highlight the importance of helping protect tools and deter thieves with effective secure storage solutions.

With police figures suggesting that a break-in can take as little as 10 seconds, the new range has introduced enhancements which are said to be fundamental in making it much harder to steal valuable power tools and equipment. All of the key areas of attack have been strengthened, including a cross bar reinforced lid, whilst a new VaultLock locking system has been introduced, which offers added protection from drilling, picking and cutting. The products also now come with an anti-theft fixing kit to ensure they can be properly mounted to the vehicle floor.

In addition to the security enhancements, Van Vault says it has responded to customer demand to also improve other features. For example, storage space and functionality has been addressed with the introduction of a ‘wide mouth drop front’ to the storage containers, providing greater access and visibility of the contents inside.

Deborah Hunt, Marketing Manager, said: “Tool theft is a massive issue facing tradespeople today and it’s on the rise – one in three tradesmen have had tools stolen. Innovation is key and with our new range, we have reacted to what customers really want – the best security, functionality and quality.

“The upgraded vehicle range underwent considerable research and rigorous testing, to ensure it provided customers with a product that helps secure tools and makes the working day of a tradesperson easier.”

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From all the tales of devastation and woe we have received these past few years, we categorically understand just how crucial your tools are to you and the absolute need to keep them safe and secure at all times to protect your livelihood. The latest generation of purpose designed Van Vaults certainly go a long way to helping tradespeople to achieve those objectives but it got us to thinking about other everyday items which are equally precious to you and your family.

If push comes to shove, what personal item would you also want to put inside the vault, safe in the knowledge that it would always be there for posterity. It might be a family relic or antique, perhaps, a photo of your children or even a marriage certificate! In fact, anything that is deemed to be, in your mind, even more precious than that trusty old Makita Drill Driver, Bosch Hammer Drill, or Stihl Circular Saw.

Tell us below and we will open the vault to reveal a host of valuable prizes for the best suggestions:


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