ROCKWOOL t-shirt giveaway

ROCKWOOL t-shirt giveaway

Update your work wardrobe with a FREE ROCKWOOL #PowerOfStone t-shirt. There’s 25 up for grabs.

We’ve teamed up with ROCKWOOL to celebrate the #PowerOfStone with a free t-shirt giveaway. Stone wool – the basis of all ROCKWOOL insulation – is made from basalt, an exceptional material that we think is worth celebrating.

Basalt, also known as volcanic rock, is the base rock from when the Northern Hemisphere was first formed and is up to 200 million years old. It’s also one of the world’s most abundant materials.

By taking basalt and engineering it into stone wool insulation, ROCKWOOL harnesses the natural strengths of stone to create a range of products with a unique combination of benefits.

Warmer – and for longer

Stone wool insulation contains tiny pockets of air in its structure that help achieve a healthy and comfortable indoor environment and the ideal temperature, whatever the weather is doing outside.

A further benefit is its resilience, durability and dimensional stability that helps maintain its thickness and shape over time, without losing its thermal properties.

Due to its fibre structure and overall flexibility, it can also easily fit into available spaces, helping to avoid air gaps and reduce installation errors which can lead to unnecessary heat loss that reduces energy efficiency.


Made up of dense, non-directional fibres and an open porous structure, stone wool traps sound waves and reduces vibrations for calm and quiet living spaces.


Stone wool insulation is non-combustible and can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000°C. While this helps limit the spread of fire, should stone wool be exposed to fire it will not emit significant toxic gases or smoke.


When it comes to handling and installing stone wool insulation, you can save time and secure a better fit more easily than with rigid alternatives. This is because stone wool is typically friction fitted and the material is quick and simple to cut. Moreover, as the same product can often be used for multiple applications, such as a loft, floors and walls – it helps to minimise wastage and makes it easier to plan material purchase. Using stone wool should also help to avoid customer call backs over time as it will not slump or sag.

To win a free ROCKWOOL #PowerOfStone t-shirt, just enter your details below before the closing date of 15 July 2022:

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