Multi-purpose sealants and adhesives plus 10 HB42 beanies to WIN!

Multi-purpose sealants and adhesives plus 10 HB42 beanies to WIN!

Chris Burdett takes a look at multi-purpose sealants and adhesives.

 The last time Professional Builder asked me to look at HB42 products I was really impressed with the company’s Ultimate All-in-One Eco Foils. The All-in-One sealant was strong and flexible, and I liked the fact that the foils were easy to load up in the gun. The good thing is that the Eco Foils produce 95 per cent less waste compared to the tube version and cuts the need for Single Use Plastics on site. Foils are the future as far as I am concerned.

Following that positive experience, I was looking forward to testing two new products from the company – the Ultimate Waterproofer and the Ultimate Liquid Grab. The first thing to say is that there are an incredible number of applications these two products can be used for.

Let’s take the Waterproofer first; HB42 says it is ideal for repairs to roofs, around chimneys, roof domes and gutter sealing and can also be applied to prevent wood rotting and metal corrosion. It can also be used in tanking applications, for sealing floors, fixings, plasterboard, wood and walls and shower trays too. Not only that, it can be used as a tile adhesive, can seal concrete foundations, balconies and can be used on stone, metal and polystyrene foam.

I used it to repair the flat roof on an extension. The good news is that you can apply the Waterproofer straight from the tub with a brush, trowel, or squeegee, so you don’t need to mix it. I used a brush and found it was really easy to apply. It’s waterproof straight away, very flexible and cured very quickly. Although it was a dry day when I used it, HB42 says you can apply it in damp conditions too, so you can fix leaks and seals if they have ruptured.

Onto the Ultimate Liquid Grab. This adhesive can be used for bonding shower wall panels, splash backs and cladding tiles. It is also good for bonding tile on tile and stainless steel. It is really powerful stuff, so it is basically suitable for all vertical and full surface bonding applications. Like I say it is strong, and you have to apply it with a notched trowel, but it is really flexible and easy to work with. It goes off quickly too, and like the Waterproofer you can use it on damp surfaces. The company tells me you can vertically glue treated wood, enamel, tiles, hard PVC and stainless steel. It is also suitable for use on both absorbent and non-absorbent bases such as concrete and brick, stuccowork, chipboard, MDF, mosaic and gypsum-based products.

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10 HB42 beanies to WIN!

HB42 is celebrating the launch of its Ultimate Waterproofer and and the Ultimate Liquid Grab with Professional Builder by giving away 10 x HB42 Beanies. All you have to do to be in the hat – quite literally in this case – is use the link below and enter on the Professional Builder website.

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