Universal key from KNIPEX

Universal key from KNIPEX

KNIPEX has introduced a key designed to open all established locking systems, whether you’re dealing with gas and water supply, fuse boxes, air conditioning or more.

The KNIPEX TwinKey has two four-way cross keys magnetically held together, making up eight arms but taking up little space. When unclamped the keys remain connected to each other by a stable stainless steel wire, so they won’t get lost.

Both sides of the universal key have different, quality coated surfaces (matt and shiny) and weighing in at just 135g and only 92mm, it fits in any pocket.

So whether you are faced with needing to gain access to water supplies, air con units, shut off systems or even access roads, you’ll never have to wonder if you’ve got the right key again. Ten profiles, two crosses – one key.



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