Top tips for choosing summer workwear

Top tips for choosing summer workwear

As temperatures start to rise, James Whitaker, marketing director at Dickies Workwear, offers tradespeople his top tips on how to dress for whatever the weather might have in store this summer.

From the wind and rain of early June to the heatwave currently hitting our shores, Summer 2019 so far has been a good example of how changeable the British weather can be at this time of year. This can make getting dressed for work quite a challenge, so here are my top five tips on what to consider when choosing your summer workwear:

  1. Keep your cool

Looking professional while working in the heat can seem impossible, especially when outdoors, but today’s workwear includes fabrics that allow you to stay cool on hotter days.

New innovations in fabric technology include Coolcore, which wicks moisture away from the body. As long as Coolcore is wet, it will keep on cooling and, as it’s chemical free, its benefits won’t wash out.

And breathability doesn’t have to come at the cost of staying dry. To keep you covered in rain showers on warmer days, look for jackets that offer a good level of waterproofing with breathable fabrics.

  1. Choose breathable footwear

My point on breathability also applies to what you wear on your feet. Shoes or boots with breathable lining will help to maximise comfort in hotter temperatures, while lightweight safety footwear designs are a better option for Summer than weightier traditional steel toe-capped styles.

  1. Remember sun safety

We know how important it is to keep our skin safe from the sun’s rays and choosing clothing that offers UV protection can play a bit part in this, especially if you’re likely to be working outdoors for much of the day.

More and more clothing manufacturers are incorporating fabrics that offer UV protection in their designs and it’s worth aiming for a SPF rating of 45+.

  1. Be seen

While staying visible may not seem such a priority during the longer days, for those still required to wear hi vis clothing, there are plenty of options that meet all health and safety regulations without compromising on comfort, including hi vis shorts and t-shirts.

  1. Choose the right shorts

Shorts are a summer workwear staple and, while they are naturally less restrictive than trousers, it’s still important to look for features such as stretch back waistbands and side panels for an ergonomic fit that will provide exceptional comfort and movement.

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