Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up

Tools, Equipment, Workwear & Product Round-Up

“enables users to work significantly faster and more efficiently”

Wiha E-Screwdriver

The first e-screwdriver from Wiha, speedE promises to halve the time users take to complete their work in the future. An electric motor assists with fastening screws up to 0.4 Nm before disengaging to ensure that material is protected. The screw can then be fixed by hand with a deft touch, just as with a conventional screwdriver. An innovative electric ratchet function assists users as they complete fastening. The globally unique 3-step speedE process enables users to work significantly faster and more efficiently, but by using a controlled, healthier technique.

Compared to manual screw-fixing, speedE helps users get things done at least twice as fast, increasing their working day efficiency substantially with more  comfort. 


“providing grip in wet and oily conditions”

Showa Cut Resistance Glove

Hand protection specialist Globus has further enhanced its portfolio of safety gloves with the introduction of the new Showa 4561. Tested to the new EN388: 2016 standard delivering level D cut resistance, the new 4561 also features ZORB-IT technology providing grip in wet and oily conditions due to an extra absorbent nitrile coating.

The combination of features makes it ideally suited to construction workers where there are significant cut hazards. It also offers abrasion and contact heat resistance, whilst at the same time delivering excellent levels of dexterity and comfort.


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“an environmentally friendly and cost-conscious alternative”

Yuleys Reusable Overshoes

With the EU declaring war on reducing plastic waste, Yuleys reusable overshoes provide a significant step to an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable overshoes. Typical disposable overshoes are slippery, expensive, and after one use millions of pairs are discarded each day for a lifetime in landfill. These overshoes are simple, easy to use, hands-free, slip-on/slip-off reusable work boot and shoe covers, providing greater traction while protecting floors.

An environmentally friendly and cost-conscious alternative to those currently using plastic overshoes, with solid rubber construction YULEYS can easily be cleaned with warm water for years of use and are completely recyclable.


“all work steps can be carried out while clamped”

Bessey Front Frame Clamp 

The new front frame clamp FRZ from Bessey makes it easier to install cabinets with front frames. All work steps required for the installation can be carried out while clamped – without having to remove or reposition the clamp. 

The special design makes it possible for the FRZ front frame clamp to remain on the workpiece for the entire assembly period: The L-clamping jaws enable to clamp both sides to connect the cabinets. Any mismatch in depth can then be corrected using the adjustable alignment plate. In addition, the new clamp is equipped with a swivelling drill bush. It enables precise pre-drilling of the screw connection while clamped. 

“ideal for operation in tight spaces and when working overhead”

Bosch Professional 18V Impact Driver

Bosch Professional brings the GDR 18 V-160 Professional Impact Driver to the marketplace. Users benefit from an impressive 160 Nm maximum torque, with variable speed control – up to a rapid 2,800 rpm – and an impact rate that reaches 3,200 bpm. Weighing just 1.37 kg, including the 2.0 Ah battery, and a head length of 150 mm, the impact driver can be used with little effort.

Its compact size is ideal for operation in tight spaces and when working overhead. The ergonomic design features a slim handle, whose 110 mm circumference and soft-grip covering add further comfort and control. A handy belt clip, a screwdriver bit and an LED light for better vision in dark workplaces are included in the standard specification.

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