Tibby Singh puts Hultafors’ new chisels to the test

Tibby Singh puts Hultafors’ new chisels to the test

We live in a world where technology has taken over our lives. We work on sites where power tools have taken over our traditional manual ways of working. However, there are still many jobs that need to be done by hand. Therefore, it’s essential that our hand tools are both precise and reliable.

When studying Carpentry and Joinery I was taught to fully understand traditional methods of working using hand tools, before I was even allowed to touch a power tool. As a result, I’d say I’m quite particular in what hand tools I use and was interested in what Hultafors had to offer.

In this review I have a look at the two latest products from Hultafors’ traditional NEW Chisels to a futuristic smart digital magnetic pocket level with Bluetooth, which I couldn’t wait to get my teeth stuck into.

You may have noticed that chisels never really sit flat to the surface, but the first thing I noticed was that Hultafors have achieved this with these HDC Chisels. This is evidence they have been working flat out to produce something special because this significantly increases its number of applications. Furthermore, it makes it much safer for when shaving something that needs to be flat such as wooden pellets that hide screws.

The chisel is forged in one piece increasing its durability and ensuring the force applied will be transmitted down to the work piece. The striker is made from nylon that can take a hammering, so you can be assured it will last. If it ever becomes completely hammered, the good news is that it’s replaceable.

I believe that a craftsman that takes pride in their work also takes care of their tools and I admire that Hultafors also share the same philosophy. They’ve produced a full protective cover to protect the chisels from getting damaged and also keeping them fit for purpose. The cover can be clipped to your belt, which is perfect for when working at heights as it saves time and keeps you safe.

Another tool that is sharp but in accuracy is the New Hultafors DPL Digital Pocket Level. It is a smart digital magnetic pocket level with Bluetooth. It’s the first time I’ve come across a spirit level with no bubble, so my initial thoughts were that it’s a gimmick. Before I burst anyone’s bubble I wanted to see if it really was handy.

Handy it is as it fits in one’s hand and even comes with a carry case that not only protects the level but can also be clipped to your belt. The advantage of digital levels is that there’s no discrepancies between two people as the digits don’t lie. It not only can be used as a spirit level but also an inclinometer and protractor. This opens it up to be used for numerous applications for various trades. With it being magnetic too, it’ll attract the fabricators as well. It does have a ‘V’ shaped groove which allows it to wrap around circular objects too.

It gives you five options of units of measurements from:

– mm/m
– Percentage
– In/ft (decimal)
– In/ft (fractional)
– Degree

It doesn’t end there as it has another feature that had me smiling through my teeth, its Bluetooth feature. This is perfect if you find yourself in a position where you can’t see the screen because you can connect it to your phone via the app with the results being displayed live on the screen of your mobile device. This saves you going up and down like a yoyo especially when adjusting and levelling the feet on kitchen carcasses for example. Just to make sure it is in sync it has an audio option which sounds a continuous bleep once it’s level. All this can be controlled from the phone.

Size really doesn’t matter because this new Hultafors Digital Pocket Level with Bluetooth has everything but the kitchen sink. No job is too big because it can be used as a 6ft level. No, it doesn’t extend but all you would need is a 6ft straight edge and place the level on top, it’s that straight forward.

Hultafors have sure chiselled their way onto another level with their HDC Chisels and DPL Level!

Tibby Singh – www.TibbySingh.com


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