Snickers Toolvest: Vest in Class

Snickers Toolvest: Vest in Class

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Roger Bisby carries all before him with the Snickers Toolvest

I am glad to see the Snickers toolvest being given a new lease of life. I heard a builder say it is probably the most underrated item in their catalogue and I think I agree. I have one of the early models – which is now well over 20 years old – in that blue shiny fabric, and it has stood me in good stead while working at heights and also for those wiring jobs where all you need to carry is a set of electrician’s termination tools. Funnily enough, you often see the police wearing a variation on this jacket when they are on the beat and, of course, the army uses another style to carry all their kit. It is ideal for carrying a lot of equipment because it distributes the weight in the most efficient way but, be warned, you need to be organised or you will spend all day patting pockets looking for items. Take it out use it and put it back in the same pocket.

Last year I got the hi-vis version of this vest because I was working on a hotel doing second fix bathrooms and I didn’t want to wear a hi-vis vest over my old blue toolvest. I found I could carry all I needed in the way of hand tools. This new 4250 Toolvest is the non hi-vis version, and has a few new refinements that make it more comfortable to wear in all weathers. The biggest difference is the mesh back, which allows air to circulate and moisture to escape. The arm holes are dropped down to give you plenty of free movement. There is also an integrated inside expander, like a kind of zip gusset, which expands the girth. At first I thought this feature was just there for the days when you have had a big lunch but I soon realised it is intended to allow you to wear the toolvest over a jacket in the winter.

If you chose to carry an entire tool kit in this vest you could be walking around with anything up to 10kgs., which is a lot. The key to the design is to distribute the weight across your shoulders and waist to make it more comfortable, and this is done by having wide shoulders and a really broad clip buckle belt. The shoulders are now adjustable up and down so if you are long or short in the body it is still possible to have the belt around your waist.

If this vest is fully loaded it can take some time to put all those tools back in the boxes and bags so, loaded if I am working on the same job for a number of days, I sometimes hang the vest up in the van fully. The only thing I have to remember to remove from its padded pocket is my mobile phone.

The holster pockets on this vest are useful, but they tend to swing around if you are moving in and out of a loft space, for example, and if you have holster trousers that is a lot of flappy pockets around the waist. Personally I could do without them and they may yet fall victim to the scissors. A punk version in the making.

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