Selecting the ideal dungarees and overalls with Carhartt

Selecting the ideal dungarees and overalls with Carhartt

Selecting the ideal dungarees and overalls is crucial for painters and decorators aiming for great results  

When embarking on the meticulous and often messy task of painting and decorating, you need the right clothing. It must be protective, practical, and comfortable. It should be neither too tight and restrict movement, nor too loose and a safety hazard.  

Protection from splatters and spills is important but painting gear is about more than just this. The specialised nature of painting and decorating means clothing must be practical. Bibs and overalls should be designed with multiple pockets and loops, strategically placed for easy access to brushes, scrapers, tape measures and other essential tools. Dedicated pockets and loops ensure that brushes are always readily accessible, so you don’t have to stop work to go hunting for the next tool you need.  

Carhartt‘s selection of workwear, including dungarees and boiler suits, is perfectly tailored for labour-intensive tasks. Take the Relaxed Fit Duck Bib Overalls: they’re constructed for heavy-duty use and designed with that number one on the painter’s list – an abundance of pockets to keep essential tools and brushes within arm’s reach. Equipped with a zippered multi-compartment bib pocket, sturdy front ledge pockets, a ruler pocket, specialised tool pockets on both legs and dual reinforced back pockets, they offer extensive storage options. It’s an array that ensures every tool and accessory has its place.

Material is another important consideration for painters’ and decorators’ clothing. Fabrics need to be durable enough to withstand repeated washing and resistant to paints, solvents and other chemicals commonly used in the trade. Cotton drill and heavyweight canvas are popular choices due to their sturdiness and ability to protect the wearer’s underclothes from paint splashes and spills. These materials are also breathable, helping to keep the wearer cool and comfortable in a variety working conditions.  

Fits the Bill

Carhartt’s loose fit Denim Bib Overall, pre-washed for comfort, is ideal for painting and decorating. Its loose fit makes crouching, stretching or climbing easy. Triple-stitched main seams mean no tearing or accidental ripping when bending and the straight leg fits nicely over boots. A multi-compartment bib pocket with secure zipper closure, two large lower front pockets, a left-side ruler pocket and a right-leg hammer loop means you ca also keep all your tools and brushes within easy reach.  

Coverage is another vital consideration. Full-length overalls with long arms are obviously ideal for their ability to cover most of the body, providing extensive protection against paint and debris. You still need to choose carefully though. Overalls with a loose fit will allow for a full range of motion – never more important than when you’re completely covered – are crucial for tasks that involve stretching, bending, and reaching.  

The Carhartt Canvas Coverall comes in a stretch canvas with Rugged Flex™ technology that allows unrestricted movement, essential for reaching high corners or low baseboards. The long sleeves and trousers mean full coverage, and the two secure chest pockets with protective flaps, multiple utility and side-entry keep all tools close to hand. The cuffs are snap adjustable to ensure a secure fit, preventing fabric from getting caught or dipping into paint. The ankle-to-knee leg opening with snap closure means it’s easy to layer over boots too 

Selecting the perfect painting and decorating attire involves careful consideration of multiple factors. You need a balance between being protective and comfortable while facilitating movement. It must endure the rigours of the job, stand up to repeated laundering and have practical pockets to keep you equipped. Overalls are more than just clothing; they are yet another tool of the trade.

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