Scangrip LED Work Lights: Roger Bisby Shines a Light

Scangrip LED Work Lights: Roger Bisby Shines a Light


Two or three (time flies) years ago I went to review some Scangrip LED work lights which shine their powerful beam under the name of Nova. I was so impressed that I bought a pair, together with stands, and I am very glad I did.

They certainly aren’t the cheapest work lights around but they are bright and robust.

Before I bought the Novas I was using halogen lights (remember them?) which are hot, expensive to run and fragile. I used to buy the replacement filament bulbs by the box load because they were always going when the lights got knocked.

The Nova Chip On Board COB technology gives you a brilliant daylight-matched work light that is so powerful that most of the time I point them at the ceiling or a wall to deflect the beam and spread the light.

scangripWorking on loft conversions with halogen lights I used to find that they gave me a headache at the end of the day but since I changed to the daylight work lights those headaches have disappeared, that fact alone makes them worth the price but the ability to see the pencil marks and the bubble in the spirit level also makes the daylight colour temperature worth the money.

Since I bought mine Nova has been busy upgrading its lights. It now has one that is twice as powerful as mine, which is tempting in terms of being able to light up a large room but the one that really caught my eye is the new rechargeable unit.

This light has multi-stage control and an indicator to tell you how much runtime is in the battery. It also has a wireless control that can operate through your phone via the app.

This allows you to remotely switch up to four lights and also adjust the power settings on each lamp.

This may be a bit more control than you need but it has a lot of benefits for people working on high end interior decorating and plasterers working on prestige developments with intricate mouldings. If you use a high quality unit you are assured that you are seeing your work in the most critical light.

The other thing I really like about these lights is the new stands. They weigh a lot because they are tubular steel but they won’t get knocked over and you can set the lights high so they shine down onto your work area.

There are cheaper work lights but I don’t think there are better ones – and they are built to last. If you look at the cost in life you are probably not paying any more and you can be assured that they will work for you day in day out.

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