Roofing and insulation products – March 2021

Roofing and insulation products – March 2021


The packaging on Simpson Strong-Tie’s Premium Fasteners range is now every bit as tough as the screws and nails it holds. The engineered cardboard is resistant to rain, snow, moisture and heat, and has water resistant web-corners, so the boxes stay solid even after standing on a wet surface for days. In fact it’s so strong that the boxes can be stacked, dropped, put to heavy use and still maintain their strength and stability.


There are four standard-sized rooflights – 1m x 1m, 1m x 1.5m, 2m x 1m and 2.5m x 1m – in the TuffX infinity rooflight range, although bespoke sizes can also be arranged on request. The units also come with an option of glass finishes, including clear, solar and privacy glass. The finished result is a flood of natural light inside, along with excellent thermal insulation. While, inside and out, the rooflights blend with the roof, with their sleek, contemporary yet low-maintenance finish.


Norbord now holds a net carbon negative status across all its products and operations, locking up more CO2 than it emits. The company’s four European sites and three product ranges sequester a total of 1.1 million tonnes of carbon annually. While carbon neutrality means that an activity releases net zero carbon emissions into the atmosphere, carbon negativity signifies that an activity goes beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions.



 The ARC Flexi-Closer, from ARC Building Solutions, is a multi-width thermal cavity closer for window and door reveals. The 25mm thick product is designed to close the cavity around window and door openings in masonry walls, preventing cold bridging and helping to eliminate moisture, mould and staining. The rigid PVCu profile acts as an integral DPC (Damp Proof Course), and is insulated with expanded polystyrene (EPS), providing what is described as excellent thermal properties. Supplied in 2.4m lengths, it is suitable for most common cavity widths: 65, 75, 85 and 100mm. For more information about the new ARC Flexi-Closer, download the datasheet by using the link below


As well as its acoustic and thermal properties, Nesite‘s new floor is a 100 per cent sustainable solution and available in a wide range of finishes, including customisable, natural and more contemporary. The environmental impact of the material is zero and it has excellent mechanical and physical characteristics, including an ehnanced ability to absorb sound waves and considerable insulation properties.


It’s the adjacent interlocking panel mechanism that makes the Envirotile PVCu roofing tile from Eurocell is to install, as well as providing protection against severe UK wind loads in any designated zonal area within the UK. The product utilises polymer materials to create a tile that is just one-fifth of the weight of a traditional concrete tile, whilst offering improved foot grip for installers. Plus, with no dust during cutting, the tiling system can help to eliminate the risk of lung-related problems such as silicosis.


A solution to the problem of retrofitting ventilators after the roof tiles have been laid, the KimaAir Inside-Out ventilator from Kima Roof Accessories is now available nationwide via leading merchants and roofing specialists. The Danish manufacturer’s solution solves condensation problems from inside the roof space, without the need for scaffolding or any external works.


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