Roger Bisby Goes for a Walk with Solid Gear Footwear

Roger Bisby Goes for a Walk with Solid Gear Footwear

I took these Apollo Solid Gear safety boots through airport security and, even though I knew the fibreglass toe caps wouldn’t ring any alarm bells, I thought the metal eyelets would.

To my surprise they let me walk through, I suppose they thought my smelly feet would present more of a hazard.

Actually they would have been wrong on that count – my feet were as fresh as a daisy thanks to the combination of the anti-bacterial removable insole and the 3D lining, which passes the sweat out through the pores of the impregnated leather.

You might wonder why I chose to wear such a substantial pair of boots on a plane and the answer is that it is easier to wear them than pack them and I knew that the three days I was about to spend walking around exhibition halls testing power tools was going to require some exceptional comfort.

I have learned the hard way not to take chances with footwear because cheap footwear leads to expensive osteopaths.

Slipping and Sliding

When I arrived at my destination (Berlin) the pavements were covered in black ice and I saw two people take a tumble, one bringing the other down, so I was even more happy with my choice of footwear.

The Vibram outer sole is the material favoured by mountaineers the world over because it grips better in the wet and ice than most other man-made materials, so it has been put through a lot more rigorous tests than mine. These are wide fitting boots and they are extremely comfortable.

These days the yard stick for comfort is not my feet but my back. If after three days trudging around and standing for long periods I am not feeling any discomfort in my spine it is an indication that the support given by the footwear is good.

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