Rapid 4-in-1 from Bristan

Rapid 4-in-1 from Bristan

Bristan has added the Rapid 4-in-1 to its range of taps.

The Rapid 4-in-1 delivers hot, cold, boiling and filtered water from a single unit and is packaged with everything required for installation – tap, pressure reducing valve, flexi tails, filter cartridge and a 3L capacity tank with four temperature settings, delivering water up to 98°c.

The tap will replace any existing tap hole and the accompanying tank is compact enough to fit underneath most kitchen worktops, removing the need to make any alterations to the existing pipework. It includes a number of features, including a safe touch-sensor control button that must be pressed whilst dispensing boiling water, to help you make your customers’ kitchens much safer.

A filter cartridge purifies the water, making it more pleasant to drink and prolonging system life by removing contaminants that can clog pipework and damage components. With 13 billion plastic bottles used each year in the UK1, the Rapid 4-in-1 will appeal to homeowners who are concerned about reducing their plastic waste, by providing a convenient supply of drinking water for re-fillable bottles.

To secure repeat business, installers can offer to provide ongoing maintenance to their customers by replacing the Rapid 4-in-1 filters every six months, to maintain water purity and prolong the lifecycle of the product.

For peace of mind, the Rapid 4-in-1 is CE compliant, meaning it conforms with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area. It has also undergone extensive testing and user trials, so installers can rest assured they are fitting a reliable, high-quality product. It also comes with a 3 bar Pressure Reduction Valve (PRV) to prevent potential damage caused by fluctuations in water pressure.



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