Pushing the Envelope with Hep2O’s Plumbing System

Pushing the Envelope with Hep2O’s Plumbing System

Wavin lifts the lid on the demounting capabilities of the push-fit Hep2O system.

Wavin’s push-fit Hep2O plumbing system offers installers a wide range of benefits – from its simple and secure installation to its industry-leading 50-year guarantee.

The company reports recent feedback from plumbers revealed that the system was seen as well-liked, easy to use and reliable but also that one of its USPs was not as widely-known. Gareth Samuel, Product Manager, Hep2O at Wavin, lifts the lid on one of the system’s underappreciated advantages – its demounting capabilities.

We’ve recently been out talking with plumbers up and down the country to gain an in-depth understanding of what matters most to them when it comes to the products they use time and time again, day in day out. We found that there many of the strengths of this push-fit plumbing system were widely recognised, understood and appreciated.

Feedback showed consistently that the system’s flexibility and versatility – working with both plastic and copper pipe and being ideal for a range of hot and cold water and heating applications – was seen as a big plus.

The comprehensive range of fittings available and the In4sure joint recognition technology, which tells you when a secure joint has been made, were also repeatedly cited as positives.

Fitting removal_2_FWhile it was understandably good to hear that the system’s robustness had struck a chord with plumbers, and that once fitted each joint is safe, secure and cannot be tampered with of accidentally demounted, appreciation for the system’s intentional demounting capabilities were not as commonly known.

One of the unique advantages of Hep2O is that is can be easily demounted and adjusted by the installer whenever necessary. To deal with all situations there are three demounting options:


The standard HepKey is the easiest and quickest way to demount a fitting. The tool simply clips around the pipe and depresses the inner sleeve of the fitting. This opens the stainless steel grab ring and releases the pipe.

HepKey Plus

HepKey Plus enables the installer to remove the fitting with one hand when required – for example when working in a confined space such as underfloor boards. It works by clipping onto the fitting and holding the grab ring open, allowing the pipe to be pulled out whilst leaving one hand free. Both HepKey and HepKey Plus are available in 10mm, 15mm, 22mm and 28mm versions and are colour coded to match the packaging so are always easy to locate.


This specialist metal demounting tool can help in restricted spaces – for, example where a fitting is hard up against a wall or another fitting. The slimline spanner can get into awkward areas and allows greater flexibility. It can also be used to demount some of the reducer fittings in the range. HepTools are available in two formats – 15mm/22mm and 10mm/28mm.

All the demounting tools are available through your local merchant, but this month exclusively for PB readers, send us a message on Twitter (@WavinUK) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/WavinUK) and we will send you one of your choice for free.


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