Roger Bisby goes undercover to find out what JSL has to help prevent the abuse and neglect of your mixer.

I have left my Belle Mini Mix outdoors for years and, to be honest, it has suffered from the weather just like its owner but, also like its owner, so far it always starts on the first pull. The trouble now is that the mixer has really rusted beyond the point where this lovely cover from JSL will help much but, until I buy a new mixer, I will use it if only to hide how tatty my mixer now is. The drum, however, remains on display and kind of gives the game away.

When I buy a new one I will sign a solemn pledge
•    Not to hit it with a club hammer.
•    Not to leave it uncleaned
•    Not to clean it with bricks in the drum
•    Not to leave it out without this JSL cover on

That is my undertaking because to mind mixer abuse has to stop, not only because it harms the mixer but because it makes the builder look like he/she doesn’t care. Having a rusty old mixer outside the customer’s house is not a good advertisement for your business.
The JSL cover will fit most mixers and keeps the casing and motor clean and dry. It has a nice clip in buckle and a drawstring to stop it flapping in the breeze. It is a well-made bit of kit for sure.

One word of warning, if you have a petrol mixer let the exhaust go cold before you put the cover on or you will have a little hole where you don’t want one and that would be a shame.

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