New UFH control system from Warmafloor

New UFH control system from Warmafloor

Warmafloor has introduced Sentio, a new underfloor heating control system.

Sentio has been specifically designed to make both heating and cooling smart and effortless – all users have to do is connect the thermostat, set the desired temperature and go.

Taking the complexity out of temperature control with built-in app control software, users can also use their phone to manage the system whether they’re at home or on the go – perfect for scheduling the house to warm up in time for one’s return, or for peace of mind that everything is switched off while on holiday.

Additional features include in-built humidity sensing, allowing for optimum control of heating and cooling systems, and dew-point detection, which stops condensation from forming.

Jonathan Moran, business development manager at Warmafloor, said: “There are few better feelings than getting back after a long day and putting your feet up in a comfortable home. We wanted to make this simple pleasure even easier for homeowners to achieve, which is the inspiration for Sentio.

“Combining an intelligent system with straightforward design, our three-step Sentio system makes setting and controlling the temperature of your home a breeze, wherever you happen to be in the world. And the logical nature of the system means not only is it simple to operate, it’s also easy to install. To support installers and users further, though, we’ve created a range of useful how-to videos and our technical support team is always on hand to offer quality advice.”

Sentio can also be optimised for commercial applications, with Modbus capability enabling it to be connected to any building management system. The central control unit (CCU), with the extension unit, supports up to 16 thermostats, 32 actuators, two circulation pumps and two volt-free contacts.

The Sentio product family includes the Central Control Unit (CCU), extension units, room thermostats and sensors – available as wired and wireless – an app and a commissioning LCD touch screen that is removed once installed.



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