NEW SieviAir R3 Roller S3 Safety Shoes

NEW SieviAir R3 Roller S3 Safety Shoes

Professional Builder’s Tibby Singh Chodha warms to the SieviAir R3 Roller S3 Safety Shoes, footwear which has been designed to help your feet breath when things heat up.

The distinctive graffiti-like design on these shoes will certainly get you noticed, and another feature that always turns my head is the BOA Fit System. It is becoming more popular on safety boots and is a simple and effective alternative to traditional shoelaces. You simply push the button to engage and then turn to tighten, and then just pull up for a quick release. This is perfect and time saving if you regularly need to take your shoes on and off. The stainless-steel construction is more than robust enough, and it is protected against rust.

Hats off to Sievi on the design, because the style of these shoes means you would not immediately associate them with having toe caps. They do, in fact, have aluminium toecaps, making them 50 per cent lighter than footwear with a traditional steel construction. The midsole is, however, protected with steel, as it is the ideal material to prevent any sharp objects from penetrating through the sole and into your foot. Most importantly, thanks to the FlexStep material that has been used in the sole and heel areas, they are unbelievably comfortable.

These safety shoes also benefit from the SieviAir system, which is amazing technology that is akin to plumbing in your shoes in order to improve the ventilation. It dissipates the moisture generated as the feet warm up through the exhalation channels in the sides of the soles. There are also some vents near the steel toe caps which additionally help with ventilation, all of which means your feet can breathe like never before.

To top it off the upper material of the footwear is microfibre, which is water repellent and makes it fast drying. In addition, other design features include antistatic and ESD, which provides a safe and controlled method of discharging the body’s static electricity.

These NEW SieviAir R3 Roller S3 Safety Shoes are electric – and a breath of fresh air. Sievi are a brand that is thinking on their feet to stay a step ahead when it comes to producing footwear!

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