Masonry materials and landscaping products – September 2021

Masonry materials and landscaping products – September 2021


A handy comparison tool, specifically for LPS 1175 fencing, is available on the Jacksons Fencing website. Designed to help advise customers on the best perimeter solution for their proposed project, the new service joins its four existing comparison tools, which cover timber fencing, welded mesh panels, vertical bar fencing, and acoustic barrier ranges.


If you’re working with porcelain tiles, then SikaCeram FlowFix bonding primer and jointing compound system can keep you on the right path. SikaCeram-62 FlowFix Bonding Primer can be applied by brush or roller to the underside of the paving, it’s ready to use when mixed with just water and is fully cured in 72 hours. SikaCeram-621 FlowFix Jointing Compound is a controlled, cementitious flowable jointing grout.


It’s the self-adhesive tape on Composite Prime’s HD Protect which makes it easy to install, whilst also benefitting from low tack and high-bond properties. The new wood tape reduces moisture build up, protects against rotting, lengthens the lifespan of decking frames and allows installers to avoid messy fittings and sticky hands during application.



The Coated Brick range from Vandersanden has been expanded alongside new brick colours and textures. The manufacturer’s automated coating formulation makes facing bricks water-repellent and resistant to the effects of air pollution and efflorescence. The process also makes it easier to clean the brick, if dirt or damage does occur.


Albus, Niveus and Tenebris have been designed by Ibstock to meet the growing demand for white and grey soft-mud bricks with hand-creased textures. Suitable for use across the company’s components and systems, including MechSlip, Nexus and precast units, they are also available as brick slips for both external and internal.


An ACO RoofBloxx geocellular storage crate can provide a flexible sustainable option for the smaller-scale project. The units are stackable, sufficiently flexible to be used at different heights, and easy to cut, all of which helps maximise space. RoofBloxx is also available in relatively small quantities, which makes it ideal for smaller-scale projects.


In a bid to provide a cost-effective, ‘no fuss’ alternative to steel mesh-reinforced structural topping installations, Sika has launched a new steel fibre solution. SikaFiber-1050 B&BA HF enhances concrete topping durability, reduces shrinkage cracking and is ideal for block and beam floors. Because it can be pumped into place with concrete the product also reduces construction time.


Designed for smoothing and levelling outside areas that are subject to varying climatic conditions, Setcrete Exterior is also suitable for semi-external spaces, such as garages, that are partially exposed to the elements. The water-mix levelling compound is poured onto the floor and can be allowed to naturally flow to achieve a smooth finish, requiring minimal work with a smoothing trowel.


Building professionals are being urged to use the latest visualiser technology from ACO to deliver aesthetically-striking projects. According to its developers, ACO’s Building + Landscaper Visualiser, can help landscapers to showcase creative ideas, and demonstrate how the latest water management technology can be incorporated into eye-catching designs.


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