Mascot Advanced’s hard-wearing workwear range

Mascot Advanced’s hard-wearing workwear range

Mascot Advanced is a hard-wearing workwear range that stretches with your body.

When Mascot decided to create the products in its Advanced range to suit the building and construction industry, the task was clear: the manufacturer was not interested in making products and trousers that were only partly made of stretch material; the trousers had to deliver on comfort and movement without restrictions, so workers could experience freedom of movement at a completely new level.

All trousers in the range are made from a very elasticated material that is highly durable and provides no restrictions to your body movements, but which can also be adapted to your needs. With the trousers in the Mascot Advanced range, you can alter the garments according to your changing tasks. The trousers can be adjusted at the foot, for example, or you can make use of the zippers to add or remove the holster pockets, or remove the ID-card. In addition, the detachable pockets make it easy to empty them of dirt or wash your trousers without having to empty the holster pockets themselves.

When you need a bit more from your workwear, and you want the best possible protection in all weather and working conditions, the best way to do this is to dress in layers, and to choose the right clothing from inner to outer. In the Mascot Advanced range, you will find a wide selection of products that offer you the possibility of adjusting your clothing to match both your level of activity and your surroundings.

As an example, sweatshirts are not just simple tops with rib at the hem. In this range, sweatshirts have been rethought in terms of features, fabrics and details, and can almost be considered as something between a sweatshirt and a softshell. As with other products in this collection, weather protection is included, with great insulation against the cold at the collar and neck.

The sweatshirt’s fabric is elastic and comfortable but differs from traditional garments of its type by having a more modern design. Whether you’re looking for a hood, full zip, or adjustable collar, with Mascot Advanced, there is an option for every taste and use. It is a range that matches your day at full speed, and your need for functionality and comfort.

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