Makita’s Cosmos Blade System

Makita’s Cosmos Blade System

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, explains more about the company’s Cosmos Blade System.

Some construction cutting tasks are harder than others. Similarly, contractor requirements can also vary greatly between job to job. Therefore, it stands to reason that some blade technologies need to be stronger than others. When optimum performance is required, Makita’s Cosmos Blade System offers the ideal choice. The premium range of products have been carefully crafted to best meet the demanding needs of professional users. Additionally, the range includes reliable blades that are more suited for general application, but still available at an affordable price.

To meet all types of purposes and budget requirements, the Cosmos range is split into three categories:


Whilst speed and durability are crucial, it is also essential that tradespeople, when dealing with difficult cutting projects, are able to work with precision. To this end, we have designed the Quasar Blade System: A premium solution with 3D diamond grid (3DDG) technology, to include a reinforced, fixed metal boss. Quasar blades feature a built-in silent core, which helps to reduce both vibration and noise – which is a benefit on projects where noise pollution guidelines are in place. This performance is further enhanced through the addition of cooling holes, which help guarantee smooth cutting action, reducing fatigue for the operator and potential damage to the power-tool.



Next in the collection, are the Comet range of high-quality blades, which are also fitted with Makita’s 3DDG technology, with quick start 10mm segments. The Comet is a universal blade, aimed at applications where superior quality is required.



Finally, the Nebula range offers very good quality, affordable blades for those who want something more reliable than a single-use solution. To improve productivity and speed of cut, the blade segments of the Nebula range have been laser welded onto the body of the blade to give additional strength and durability when cutting.


Diamond grid technology

All three solutions feature our unique diamond blade technology, which helps to provide outstanding cutting performance. As such, the blades are able to cut faster and last longer than traditional products, which rely on the conventional random bonding method. In fact, thanks to its advanced design, the Cosmos Blade System offers up to 30 per cent longer lifespan when compared to traditional blades and can operate at speeds of up to 50 per cent faster.

Additionally, the Quasar and Comet ranges feature our unique 3D Diamond Grid Technology, which perfectly aligns and precisely distributes the diamonds throughout the bond during the manufacturing process. This ensures that the blade delivers optimum performance at all times and with accurate diamond segment placements, the blade can effortlessly accelerate into cuts during the initial stage. Similarly, this design choice also helps to reduce the friction emerging from the blade, which, in turn, helps to improve the system’s cooling performance significantly.

At Makita, we produce a range of blades to suit every cutting job, including Rapide blade segments, which offer faster cuts into moderate or hard materials. We also supply the Enduro blade segments, which are ideal for use in mid to abrasive materials.

By choosing our solutions, tradespeople are able to achieve precision work across a wide-range of materials at a low cost-per-cut. That’s why solutions like the Cosmos Blade System are ideal for tradespeople requiring reliable performance on tough jobs.


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