Kent builder says new Actis Eolis HC saves him ‘huge amounts of time’

Kent builder says new Actis Eolis HC saves him ‘huge amounts of time’

A revolutionary time-saving two-in-one insulation designed to transform the loft and barn conversion sector is already improving the working life of one Kent builder – who has just completed his first project using the new product. 

Broadstairs-based Alan Downes, who specialises in renovating individual properties, has just completed a full refurbishment of a semi-detached house, including a loft conversion to provide a fourth bedroom, using Actis’ new Eolis HC, a reflective insulation with an integrated vapour barrier. 

Alan was already impressed by products in Actis’ popular Hybrid range, which he has been using for the past five years, and says adding its Eolis HC to his armoury makes his job even more time-efficient. 

And not only will he use it in future projects, he’s also recommending it to fellow builders! 

“It’s an excellent product to install and saves huge amounts of time,” he said. “I particularly like the large overlap in the surface of the product, which means the joints are much smoother for final plaster boarding. It also increases U-values to meet current regulations.

“The thing that makes Eolis especially good for loft conversions is its flexibility and the ease of installation, particularly over pitched roof angles, allowing for a really professional seal of insulation across the roof space. The Actis cutting tool is essential for this product due to its increased thickness, so I would recommend buying this to help with installation.

“As it’s especially good at time-saving and ease of installation I’ve already recommended it to other friends and builders. And I will be using the product again in the future.”

Eolis HC, which enables builders to reduce the number of steps required to achieve an impressive U-value and airtightness, is especially useful when dealing with shallow rafters where headroom is at a premium. 

It removes the need to cut insulation between each rafter, a tricky and dusty task if using PIR board. And while it is thin enough to be used in low headspace zones, in part because it doesn’t require the usual 25mm air gap to avoid condensation, it also offers excellent thermal performance. 

Installers just lay the product across the rafters on the inside (warm side) of the building, sealing each section to the next with the self-adhesive lap feature of the product. 

Time trials show that when insulating across timbers, using Eolis HC is at least twice as quick as using PIR board – because instead of needing to be cut to fit the product simplygoes across the face of the timbers and fillsthe gaps betweenthem. 

The unique, patented product, which benefits from BBA certification, is based on Actis’ Triplex technology. This is created from a number of layers of reflective films, each separated by a thin layer of fibre, trapping air between each section, thus boosting thermal performance. 

Watch a how-to installation video here and view a timed installation video demonstrating how quick and easy it is to install Eolis HC here. 

Find out more here. 

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