Installation guidelines for CaberWood MDF

Installation guidelines for CaberWood MDF

Norbord is the leading manufacturer of MDF worldwide. In the second part of our feature, we look at further installation guidelines for its CaberWood MDF. You can check out the first part here:

It saws, drills, shapes and routs cleanly and easily, without splintering or chipping and, with the possibility of intricate edge profiling and surface routing, CaberWood MDF will equally afford the possibility of unique projects. Norbord’s MDF production was the first of its kind in the UK and the material is still manufactured on these shores, with all the very latest in design, development and resin technology.

Its smooth surface is ideal for most high quality paint and surface finishes including the application of paper foils and veneers. Not only that but, thanks to its high quality fibres and internal bond strength, there’s superior screw and fastener holding than with other types of panel product.

Adhesive bonded joints
A wide variety of jointing methods can be adopted providing the following simple guidelines are observed:

  • The joint parts should be accurately machined
  • Sharp cutters should be used to avoid tearing or burnishing the surfaces to be bonded
  • A high solids content adhesive with gap filling properties should be used. (Polyvinyl Acetate or Urea Formaldehyde)
  • Mating pieces should be accurately located and held under pressure while the adhesive is setting
  • The width of grooves machined in CaberWood MDF should be limited to about one third of the thickness of the board
  • The depth of groove should be about one half of the board thickness
  • Adhesive bonded joints should be allowed to condition for several days before sanding and finishing to avoid the appearance of sunken joints. This treatment is essential when using high gloss finishes
  • A tongue and groove joint is very efficient, provided the fit of the joints is not too tight as this may cause a split along the edge
  • When attaching lippings the tongue should be machined on the solid wood piece

Wall panels
CaberWood MDF can be fixed using conventional dry lining techniques. For best results, follow these recommendations:

  • Before fixing, condition the board for a minimum of 24 hours in the area of use
  • An expansion gap of 10mm or 2.5mm per metre (whichever is the greater) must be allowed, on length and width




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