Hope Cement: Hope for Us All

Hope Cement: Hope for Us All

The cat, and much more besides, is out of the bag with the announcement of a new cement offering through the merchant channel. Professional Builder finds out more from Hope Director of Cement Gary Brennand.

Hope is certainly a name that will resonate with our readers. Your ready mixed concrete lorries are a familiar sight on our highways and byways. However, your latest venture into the highly competitive world of bagged cement will have come as a surprise to many connected to the industry. What’s the rationale?

Our Hope works in Derbyshire has been making cement for more than eighty years and has an outstanding reputation for consistent quality and service. Until now the product has been available through a third party supplier, but this new launch marks the first time Hope Cement will be exclusively in the firms packaging. Our facility has extensive capacity and will put us in a great position to enhance service levels in this sector.

You have obviously done your homework before taking what some may regard as a brave move in view of the
already established names in the marketplace.

The launch follows the culmination of an extensive 18 month research and development process, which saw hundreds of merchants and professional builders surveyed to ensure the product exceeds their needs and how service can add real value to customers. Using this insight we have developed a full package of cements and technical Hope1information which will redefine the sector.

On first impressions, the bags are certainly eye catching, and bit of a departure from what the builder is usually exposed to. Quickly establishing the brand’s identity is clearly going to be a key element in its success.

The new bags will all feature a large Ram, a nod to the company’s rich Derbyshire roots, and the source of raw materials used to make the cement. The Rams head is transparent to ensure the consistent colour provided is clearly visible, something which potential customers said was important to them.

All the bags will be plastic, weatherproof and packed using the best equipment on the market, meaning builders and merchants can confidently store the bags outdoors.

When can we expect to see the new bags in the merchants?

Imminently. The cement will be transported by rail for bagging and distribution to customers in the southern half of the UK from our new Dagenham plant, which is fully operational this spring.


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