High-visibility range from Bisley Workwear

High-visibility range from Bisley Workwear

BSA Brands is launching Bisley Workwear’s high visibility safety workwear range in the UK.

The range has been specifically designed to meet the UK’s EN ISO 20471 safety specifications with Class 1, 2 or 3 rankings given to each garment based on visibility and performance. All taped garments use carefully selected and tested reflective tapes made from heavy duty reflective glass microbeads, customised to align with the stretch and weight of each garment.

It includes lightweight and stretch fabrics for breathability, movement and comfort, as well as an extensive range of cold weather and waterproof garments. Bisley Safetywear also features many reversible options, so you can switch from your hi-vis as soon as you get off-site. Plus, look out for the safety X back taping configuration to signal to others when you’re back is turned.

The category features styles with double layers for waterproofing and warmth, extra warm polyester quilted wadding, and Sherpa lining to keep you safe in the coldest conditions. Bisley has introduced Fresche microbial wash across the range to keep the garments smelling fresh and safe from bacteria. Fresche is a sustainable, coconut-based solution to odour and stains caused by mold and bacteria and it has been incorporated into the designs to last the life of the garment.

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