Geocel Trade Mate Roofers Seal

Geocel Trade Mate Roofers Seal

Geocel explains why its Trade Mate Roofers Seal offers a solution for any residential job.

The last decade has been a period of fast moving development in the domestic roofing sector – in terms of construction techniques, substrates and most importantly, the types of sealants available.

With such a wide range of products on offer, finding the right one for the job and sourcing cost-effective and durable solutions, has never been more important. Geocel Trade Mate Roofers Seal offers a way to tackle even the trickiest residential roofing jobs and is ideal for emergency repairs or longer-term maintenance.

One of the most common challenges facing those working on a roof is achieving any kind of permanent seal. With roof damage often occurring during wet or prolonged bad weather conditions and roofing systems composed of many different or multiple materials, getting products to stick can seem impossible.

Bitumen-based materials are still commonly used across much of the UK and these can cause major adhesion and compatibility issues for most sealants. Geocel Trade Mate Roofers Seal can help tradesmen address these issues by providing a cost and time-effective way to get the job done.

geocel-018The product’s advanced formula means it can be used to stick to a wide variety of substrates – including most bituminous surfaces – even when being applied in the wettest conditions.

It can be stored for up to two years, allowing people to keep any spare product around for re-touches or further work.

As you would expect, the sealant is also fully compliant with recently changed chemical regulation. Our regulatory team work hard within the UK and across global markets, to ensure our products are always compliant.

This includes making sure the range meets amendments to GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) following the switch in hazard classification from CHP to CLP regulation.

Making predictions for the industry over the next ten years, Sherwin Williams Research and Development Manager Marc Olding comments:

“Levels of performance in roofing coatings has developed well in the past couple of decades with the majority of products having very long durability claims.

“Expected developments in the roofing industry would be added benefits outside of weatherproofing. Heat management and insulated coatings which prevent heat loss from buildings.

“Another innovation we could see is new colour technologies including black pigments which reflect heat whilst still providing the traditional black finish.”

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