Flare’s New Approach to Earplugs

Flare’s New Approach to Earplugs

Traditional earplugs rely on absorption to attenuate sound, which rapidly meets its limit particularly with bass frequencies.

ISOLATE protectors reflect sound away from the ears and therefore achieve much greater attenuation, as they do not accept sound into the ear canal.

Delivered with Flare’s discreet and stylish custom designed memory foam tips EARFOAMS, ISOLATE dramatically reduces sound without muffling or distortion. Hear with increased detail and at safer listening levels. Ears are protected from loud noise that could otherwise damage your hearing.

Construction, aviation, agriculture and industrial professionals will particularly appreciate the ability of ISOLATE to block very low frequencies from entering their ears.

Traditional ear plugs and defenders do not block the lowest frequencies, creating a muffled sound which, as well as being unpleasant to listen to, leaves wearers feeling disconnected or even ‘underwater’.

Flare Audio is already respected in the live audio industry, with its products used by artists at festivals and concerts. Flare products are also installed at cinemas, including the renowned Olympic Studios in London.

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