Installing a WC Frame with Geberit

Installing a WC Frame with Geberit

It’s the flexibility it offers installers that makes the Duofix Kappa frame a popular option, according to Geberit’s Product Manager Graham Aird.

Installing wall-hung sanitaryware is made simple with the versatile Geberit Duofix Kappa 82cm WC frame. Although the frame sits at a minimum height of 82cm – the installation can be boxed up to the preferred shelf height, while the Duofix frame has flexibility in the feet too.

This enables the height of the installation to be raised by up to 200mm, ensuring that the WC sits at the most comfortable height for the user.

Further enhancing the user experience and the design credentials of the bathroom, when the WC is being used the lid has complete clearance of the flush plate to make activation easier.

The versatility of the Geberit Duofix Kappa 82cm WC frame continues through to the finishing touches, due to its compatibility with a wide range of stylish flush plates.


Step 1 – Mount Duofix WC frame to the wall
Position the frame ensuring it is set at 82cm from finished floor.


Step 2 – Level and secure

Ensure the frame is level and secure it using the provided fixings for both the back and floor.


Step 3 – Connect

Connect the drainage and the isolation valve to the water supply.


Step 4 – Protection
Ensure you protect the flush pipe, drainage connection, the metal rods and flush plate section with the protection covers provided. This will protect and stop debris build up in the plastering and tiling phase of your installation. 


Step 5 – You are now ready to plaster and tile your installation. 
When this is completed, you can cut down the protection housing flush with your tiles and remove the protection covers ready to fix the WC.





Step 6 – Install WC and flush plate
Using the WC fixings provided by Geberit or your WC manufacturer, push the WC onto the metal rods and fasten the pan. Turn on the isolation valve and fit the flush plate for that finishing touch.

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