Fakro Rooflights

Fakro Rooflights

New FAKRO rooflights add contemporary style

When upgrading thermally inefficient rooflights, FAKRO’s new DRC and DRF options offer a choice of flat or domed profiles.

All have a contemporary style, utilise a multi-chamber PVC sash and frame and come in sizes designed to match those being replaced.

The triple-glazed DRF DU6 has a window U-value of 0.74W/m2K while the DRC-C P2, which offers added burglary resistance through use of a laminated internal pane, is only slightly less impressive at 0.88.

For smoke evacuation, the DSF DU6 and DSC-C P2 open automatically to a height of 50cm through activation of motors on each side of the frame.


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