Expanded Timberland PRO workwear range

Expanded Timberland PRO workwear range

Timberland has expanded its workwear range, Timberland PRO.

The new products include footwear, trousers, tops, jackets and accessories.

Timberland PRO’s Anti-Fatigue Technology features in the footwear, which absorbs shock with each step while returning energy back to the foot, plus a multi-density outsole used in one of the new footwear styles. The outsole features comfort lugs that adapt to varying worksite conditions, providing an additional layer of cushioning, comfort and stability.

Clothing technology developed by Timberland PRO includes Rain Repel, a fabric with an outer layer that resists moisture penetration, plus WickWork, which is used in T-shirts to help pull sweat away from the body and move it to the shirt’s surface for faster evaporation.

Every item in the new range has been created with particular trades in mind, incorporating features designed to meet the demands of a typical working day in those industries.

A number of the products include the use of materials such as recycled PET plastic, organic cotton and recycled rubber.


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