Women to Make Up Quarter of Construction Industry by 2020

Women to Make Up Quarter of Construction Industry by 2020

A report by Randstad claims that women are to make up a quarter of the UK construction workforce by 2020.

The rate at which women are embarking on careers in construction is at an all-time high with four times as many entering the industry now as they did five years ago.

They are expected to make up a quarter of all workers in UK construction by 2020 and will play an important part in
counteracting the emerging skills gap.
UntitledMore than a million extra workers are needed by 2020 to keep up with UK growth and build the necessary 300,000
new homes a year. Women are expected to account for a significant portion of that, many of them in senior roles.

82% in construction agree there is already a serious skills shortage and 72% say there is a mismatch between the availability of work and the capacity to keep up so there is plenty of opportunity for improving the gender imbalance.

Women could soon make up 50% of this new workforce and, with the majority of construction firms now actively working to hire women, this could equate to an 80% female recruitment rate.



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