Professional Builder Live! Waterproofing with Dunlop

Professional Builder Live! Waterproofing with Dunlop

Appearing at Harrogate’s free Professional Builder Live show on June 13th-14th will be Dunlop, and the famous DunlopMan of course! As a sneak preview, here are Dunlop’s ten easy steps to waterproof a shower, bathroom or wetroom.

Ensuring your wetroom, bathroom or shower installation is fully waterproof is a crucial part of any tradesmen’s work, because tiles and grout on their own will not inherently protect against water damage.

Dunlop, which manufactures tiling and decorating products for the trade, offers a Shower Waterproofing Kit, specially designed to include everything required to allow tradesmen to waterproof a shower area, wet room or walk in shower area in a quick, easy and simple way.

Designed for any internal intermittent area where continued exposure to water may cause damage, the kit fully waterproofs the background behind the tiles to prevent water penetration up to 1.5m high in a two-walled shower unit or 1m high in a three-walled shower unit.

As a result, the kit prevents water saturating the whole area, reducing the risk of unsightly black mould forming, and drastically reducing the risk of more serious issues such as floor collapse and other surfaces vulnerable to corrosion.

What’s more, installers can enjoy the benefits of a 10-year guarantee when the kit is used as part of a suitable system of Dunlop tile adhesives and grouts, while the product is supported with a dedicated brochure, videos and specialist after-sales and technical support.

How to waterproof-1

Step 1

To waterproof your shower area, begin by applying the primer supplied in the kit to the walls and floor (if required) with a brush or roller.

How to waterproof-21

Step 2

Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat at a 90 degree angle to ensure 100% coverage.

How to waterproof-3

Step 3

Next cut the Corner Tape provided to the required length for the corner junctions and board joints.

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How to Waterproof- 4

Step 4

Apply the tape using the Waterproof Coating to any areas where there is possible movement. Joints can be in the form of internal/external wall corners, along the shower tray or floor junctions, pipes, penetrations, or outlets.

How to waterproof-5

Step 5

Apply a second layer of Waterproof Coating over the tape and remaining wall areas to the required height ensuring total coverage is achieved. You can use a brush, roller, or floating trowel.

How to waterproof-6

Step 6

Spread the Waterproof Coating over the floor areas ensuring 100 percent coverage.

How to waterproof-7

Step 7

Lay the Polyester Floor Matting with a floating trowel into the wet coating, ensuring there are no voids left behind the mat.

How to waterproof-8

Step 8

Apply a second Waterproof Coating over the matting and leave the shower area for a minimum of 24 hours to dry before you begin tiling.

How to Waterproof-9

Step 9

When the coating is dry, apply a suitable adhesive to the walls with a 6mm notched trowel for small format tiles. For large format tiles (over 300x300mm) or floor tiles, use Set Fast Plus Adhesive.

How to Waterproof-10

Step 10

Once the tiles are fixed and the adhesive is set, grout your tiles with a suitable grout such as Anti-Mould Grout with Microban and for floors use Flexible Floor and Wall Grout.

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