The Top Five heating installer servicing tools for 2024 from Arctic Hayes

The Top Five heating installer servicing tools for 2024 from Arctic Hayes

According to a recent study by Boiler Guide, January was found to be the month with the highest percentage of boiler breakdown enquiries (15.56%), followed by December (12.01%).  Now the busy heating season is upon us, Arctic Hayes has put together a guide to its best-selling servicing tools:    

Pipe Cutters
These are a toolkit ‘must-have’ as achieving precise, clean cuts without any burrs is crucial when cutting pipes and it’s imperative to ensure a secure connection without damaging connectors like O-Rings, and to avoid crushing the pipe which can cause leaks. The Arctic Hayes 26mm pipe cutter, for instance, is specifically designed for PVC and multi-layered pipes. Its operation is straightforward – simply insert the pipe, apply pressure to cut and obtain a clean, precise edge. For larger pipes, the 42mm Ratchet Pipe Cutter provides an equally user-friendly experience. Both models include safety features, a blade retraction button, and an instant change system for hassle-free blade replacement.   

Pipe Benders 
Pipe Benders are an essential tool for Installers, but they need to be easy and comfortable to use. Bending a pipe to fit a particular angle can often eliminate the need for additional joints and fittings, ultimately reducing potential points of failure and mitigating the risk of leaks or other plumbing complications.

The Professional Pipe Bender is engineered to handle both 15mm and 22mm copper pipes, as well as light grade stainless steel pipes. Its non-slip handle ensures a secure grip and comfortable operation, enabling the forming of precise and ripple-free bends. The Mini Pipe Bender, constructed from robust aluminium, also has an ergonomic handle design. This versatile tool is capable of accurately bending pipes ranging from 6mm to 10mm, achieving bends of up to 180 degrees.  Top of FormBottom of Form

Test Pumps 
Test pumps are indispensable for pressurising plumbing systems and identifying potential leaks. Use them before a system is put into operation to ensure that it can withstand anticipated pressures without any leaks, providing plumbers with the means to thoroughly assess their work. Arctic Hayes offers the Digital Pressure Vessel Hand Pump, featuring a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen that provides accurate measurements in various units and scales, including PSI, BAR, KPA, and KG/CM².  Its 3-metre-long hose grants access to hard-to-reach areas, such as charging expansion vessels on boilers. Additionally, the range includes a 180mm angled adapter for connecting to inaccessible spots, as well as a flexible 450mm connector equipped with a female Schrader quick release connection. 

Keys and Screwdrivers   
Don’t forget those time-tested essentials that see in everyday use. Precision instruments like tape measures and levels play a critical role in ensuring installations are flawlessly aligned. A well-rounded toolkit should contain high-quality versions of radiator keys, regular and long-reach screwdrivers, spanners and stopcock keys.  alongside magnetic part dishes, designed to keep nuts, bolts and screws safe and within easy reach. 

Surface protection 
One of the most important pieces of the modern Service Engineers toolkit is good Surface Protection products.  Arctic Hayes Padded work mats make life easier on aching knees, dust sheets provide protection to customer furniture, and shoe covers and self-adhesive floor protectors help avoid damaging or marking customers flooring. 

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