Survey says 62 per cent of tradesmen are feminists

Survey says 62 per cent of tradesmen are feminists

According to a new survey, 62 per cent of British tradesmen consider themselves as feminists.

The research, carried out by, also found that 76 per cent think wolf-whistling is outdated and 51 per cent would urge a wolf-whistling colleague to stop.

The study of over 2,000 tradesmen also looked at how the trades like to spend their spare time, with family time being the top with 63 per cent saying spending time with loved ones is the best way to relax. This was followed by watching TV (60 per cent), sport (31 per cent) and going to the pub with just 29 per cent. In addition, 55 per cent said they’d rather have an evening meal with their wife than a night down the pub and 17 per cent said that they’d rather go to the gym than the pub.

Alongside this, 89 per cent say that they’re stressed out by their jobs and 53 per cent believe that mental health is an issue in building and the trades.

 The survey shows that builders are big-hearted bunch, with 94 percent saying they’ve done a job for someone who didn’t have enough money to pay them full whack. This could be partly the reason why 83 percent don’t believe they have enough money to have a comfortable retirement and 54 percent say that their biggest source of stress is money worries.

“Like many aspects of working life, the building profession is changing and it’s great to see some of the old stereotypes being challenged,” said Ryan Notz from MyBuilder.

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