Optimism Reigns Supreme in Construction

Optimism Reigns Supreme in Construction

Despite declining confidence levels, optimism over construction growth prospects persists.

According to the latest study by Timetric’s Construction Intelligence Center (CIC), construction industry executives remain confident about the prospects for growth in the industry and for their companies over the next six months. However, confidence levels have been in decline since late 2014, and this trend continued into the early part of 2016.

In the Q1 2016 update of the Construction Confidence Survey, the overall Current Confidence Index (CCI) score dropped to 61.2 points, down from 61.5 points in Q4 2015. This marked the fifth successive quarter of decline in the CCI. However, with the score remaining above the 50-point mark, there is still a good level of optimism regarding the prospects for growth in the coming six months.

Although improving, the global economy is set to remain sluggish in 2016, and it is providing little support for the global construction industry, according to the Economic Impact Index (EII).



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