NHBC Reports House-Building Growth Over Past Year

NHBC Reports House-Building Growth Over Past Year

The number of new homes registered to be built in the UK has topped 156,000 in 2015 – a continued increase of 7% on the previous year, new NHBC figures have revealed.

In total, 156,140 new homes were registered by NHBC in 2015 – compared to 146,359 in 2014. The figures show NHBC registered 75% more new homes in 2015 than it did at the time of the housing crash in 2009.

Private sector registrations increased by 7% (118,611 in 2015; 110,674 in 2014), with the public sector increasing by 5% (37,529 in 2015; 35,685 in 2014). The figures also showed that NHBC registered 75% more new homes in 2015 than it did at the time of the housing crash in 2009.

Continuing the trend from 2014, the number of detached homes registered over the last 12 months (42,173) is the highest for over a decade. Additionally, the number of semi-detached homes registered in 2015 (35,423) is the highest in more than 20 years (36,757 in 1994).

NHBC’s latest data also revealed that the majority of UK regions experienced notable growth on 2014 levels, with the Eastern region (+23%), North West (+16%) and Scotland (+15%) leading the way.

The East Midlands (+12%), South West (+9%) and West Midlands (+9%) also enjoyed a positive year, as did Northern Ireland (+30%) although this was from a relatively low base.

London is still leading the way in the number of new home registrations. Although the 2015 figure of 25,994 registrations is down 9% on the record 2014 total of 28,518, 2015 saw the third highest number of registrations on record. Yorkshire & the Humber is down 13% on 2014 and Wales is down 2% on 2014.

As the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, NHBC’s registration statistics are the lead indicator of the health of the country’s new homes market.

For over 80 years, NHBC has been committed to driving up quality and raising standards in house-building and enjoys an 80% plus market share in UK new home warranties.

Commenting on the annual statistics, NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton, said: “We are pleased to report that 2015 was a year for continued housing growth in the UK. Both the public and private sectors have performed well and we have seen encouraging levels of house-building across most regions of the country.

“The detached home continues its resurgence, with our figures showing that house builders are building the highest number of detached properties for over a decade, with semi-detached homes also at their highest level in more than 20 years.

“There is still a way to go before we are building the levels of new homes that were seen before the economic downturn, but 2015 represents consolidation on the growth seen over the last three years.

“As always, NHBC’s mission is to ensure construction quality of the very highest standard in new homes and this emphasis on quality remains unwavering – particularly during such periods of increased activity and production that we have seen over recent years.”


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