Marley’s JB Red Batten receives CCPI Verification

Marley’s JB Red Batten receives CCPI Verification

Marley’s JB Red Batten has become one of the first construction products to achieve verification with the new Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI).

Developed following the Hackett review into building regulations and fire safety, the CCPI is backed with industry support, and aims to change the way construction product manufacturers manage and provide information on products. 

The third-party verification means that users of a specific product can have confidence that it has been fully assessed across a series of eleven clauses. They include the internal product information sign off process, removal of misleading or ambiguous wording in product descriptions, availability of documentation to support specific product claims, and a robust and ongoing training programme to ensure product knowledge is only relayed by competent personnel. 

Staying ahead of legislation, Marley’s JB Red batten is the first of its products to have achieved the standard set by the CCPI, having undergone the full assessment process. As the only BS 5534 factory graded roof batten manufactured in the UK, JB Red now holds both BBA certification and carries the CCPI mark. 

The accreditation for all CCPI verified products lasts for two years under a time limited licence and its unique number mark under the Code can be used on specifications as a guarantee that the product’s claims have been investigated and passed by an independent third party.  

Gaining CCPI accreditation also includes a holistic assessment of the organisation that not only examines the product in question but also the internal management processes that support the generation and sharing of specific product information. 

Daniel Weait, National Accounts Manager and CCPI Project Lead at Marley, comments: “We are delighted that the JB Red Batten has been verified to carry the CCPI mark. As an early adopter, Marley is supportive of the construction industry’s efforts to ensure transparent product information is available across the supply chain to help specifiers and product users make better informed and accurate decisions. The establishment of the Code is an important landmark for the construction sector as it underpins better product transparency and increased confidence for all stakeholders. 

“Safety and compliance are critical factors as highlighted in the Hackett review and Marley is committed to playing its part and sharing correct product information with the market, that has also been independently assessed by an external body. 

“We hope that the Code continues to gather momentum and that the specification sector, and the construction industry as a whole, will be open to selecting products that offer the CCPI’s respected verification on future projects.” 

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